Its been two nights since I wanted to write about this.

Its not been long since I started to listen to Sound Horizon, I’m quite late to the party as usual. This I assure will not be a long entry, just a quick one so I can get warmed up. I might try tackling on a week of small posts just to keep up with my mind busy. I feel less pain.


When I listen to sound horizon I forget all, as I let the sound take me to another place, and I watch many events unfold as the lyrics guide me through the scenes, its a great, really amazing work. Some other bands might have done this before but, Sound Horizon is where I started and, because of that, I’ll always will have a biased opinion towards them as ” its my shinny golden first band of storytellers “.

Just writing because, though I’m not a band, I make no musics that tell stories. instead I write them down, quite quickly and publish them unpolished and not worked as they should be. But thats why they should shine. They have endless potential.

And most of them link to each other in some way, its a huge web of stories that relate in some way. I didnt wrote any until the point they cross patches yet. But when that day comes. Get yourself ready, you have seen NOTHING.