A child born from pain.
Sold as a item, and used ’till breaking point.
It did not broke.
Rose to the sky
Proved strong.
And fought for his world

Another Child.
Born from the sea, from the sky, from the stars.
Like a hunter, Withoug Sound, Shape, Shade,
End stalked, End Preyed.
But the child, Refused to end.

Born from the common. Rabble of the kingdom.
Daughter of the Brave, She had a dream.
She fought for it, it died before she could do anything.
She made a oath, to protect what is dear.
To find a place, where she could be herself.

Child of a king, heir to the throne.
Until a broken loyalty showed a plot.
Striped from his face, became no one.
The no one, who found the silent voices of ages past.

Child of magic, she lived among her own.
A million stars, to a single place.
Power beyond control, it twisted reality.
Child forever she is, But wise and powerful as the stars of her hair.

Child of faith, Born in a corpse.
Her scent of Lilacs, stronger than death’s stench.
She grew, raised in a rotting world.
Chosen by a planet in distress.
To be its savior, and to save all else.

Children,oh my children, dear children so brave and fair.
Sung, Unsung, and yet to be sang.
Let your tales rise to the sky as smoke from a fire.
And join the magnificence of firmament.
Let your tales, your efforts, your tears.
Your blood, Your pain, Your wounds,
Your woes, Your dreams, Your Joy,
Your cause, Yours battles, Your voice,
Your existance, Be remembered.
And watched, from far, from near, from no matter how far,
Be watched magnificient.
Simple and Beautiful.
As the light of a star.