This small space, is like any other blog, a person talks about something in his or her interests and sometimes rants about life and such stuff. The Skies Above is no different.

and yet, it is.

It was created about a year and some months ago, with no special intent at all. it was created with the single intent of being a place where a storming mind and raging heart could throw away stories, emotions, feelings, and sometimes rant about life. that was The Skies Above of one year and some months ago.

but some beautiful miracle happened, a girl was born, a knight was born and a Valkyrie was born. her name was Annalot.
Annalot brought life to these skies and made it spread all over the world and even further in the universe. her universe grew, other universes also grew, and nowdays, those skies are so colorful that, if you ask ten men about its color, ten different answers you will have.

The main meaning of all this is just to keep those realities of far alive, forever, safe and sound. the meaning of this is to keep it inside the reader’s hearts, and as they do, they are helping with a struggle for the survival of those stories.


thats one of my wishes, to keep those realities alive. thats the meaning of this, to save many nice people’s memories, and acts, alive.


Welcome, to The Skies Above. please, feel at home.