its a complete book i wrote for NaNoWrimo 2010, its name is based on the idea that taking a stroll is fun, so fun that it makes you whistle while doing it. walking is sometimes the basis for life, and is even used as a metaphor for living. its a novel about concepts, about life, about enjoyment and more importantly, about vanilla cake.

Prelude – Whistle the World Out

Story One: Upside Down
Day One
Day Two
Day Three

 Road Encounter – The Duck Hunter 

Story Two: Towering to the Skies

Day One
Day Two Part Two Part Three
Day Three 

 Road Encounter – Mad Bikers Gang

 Road Encounter – I am Still…

Story Three: Echoes of a Daily Life Song

Day One
Day Two

Story Four: Together We’re All Alone

Day One  Part 2 Part 3
Day Two and Three

Road Encounter: Lost in the Green

Road Encounter: My Life is Not Yours for the Taking

Story Five: In the Land of Music

Day One
Day Two  Part 2
Day Three
Day Four

Road Encounter: The Plane Man 

Road Encounter: The King of the Bridge

Story Zero: Birth of a Traveler

Part One: What is Your Name?  Second Chapter
Part Two: The First Trip Second Chapter Third Chapter
Part Three: We Are Not Kids Anymore