theres a tradition here, where every season change, depending on where i am, i change the banner. trying to match the season, the feeling, myself and to make it look nice.
Through the years i did not stopped using this place, i dont think i should, it would be unhealthy to me at this point. so, in reminiscence, and to fill up a possible hint of curiosity, heres the gallery of banner through the ages…

-2009 –

The first banner, from when i opened.

  The first banner, from when i opened.


Second one, Summer. after this one, i changed to a thread that stays until today

Fall, yes, i first didnt realized but i was following the seasonal theme.

Winter, i believe 2010 was the year i made the best banners.

First spring, ah, everything was going kinda nice... i was getting used to life.


Summer, and this was little Ann's from Knight Storybook first anniversary. i was happy.

Fall... Dream on dream on little dreamer. and so i did in that year. i also sleep a lot too.

Winter, i wasnt liking the way life was going on... but i couldnt do a think back'em.

Spring... i tried to fight, to show that i wasnt liking my life anymore, that i wanted it the other way... turns out i was nonexistent.


Summer. it could have been my last summer.

Fall, i was trying to fight, to be alive, to smile, false promisses made to me, false allies, and knives pointed to my backs.

Winter, i had a fight, i got sick, i got sad, but at least, i got the right for little happiness, only to discover that i was not alive. because i only felt alive in a specific place, with a specific person.

Spring... i thought life was about to change, that i would get closer to something i dreamt of... only to remember that knives were pointed at me, and then, they strike.