Knight Storybook is about Being a True Knight, and finding or creating the place you belong to, in this world.

Annalot was a young girl who lived a normal life with her parents, thought not tranquil, her father died a when she was just a child, and while her father was closer to her than her mother, into her heart grew a dream, feed by her father and her ideals. to become a knight.
when her mother says that the time for Annalot was over, and she needs to grow up as a lady, the girl starts a riot inside and flees from home, leaving everything but her body clothes behind.
she enters a tournament to become a knight, being approved, she becomes a trainee in the royal castle, and then, the story begins.

Knight Storybook

ch1: Hands of a Maiden Heart of a Beast Enters Annalot
ch2: hilling Sorrow Burning Passion the Promise Made to the Skies
ch3: The First Steep
ch4: Aria Irivine and Annalot
ch5: First Job
ch6: The Assault
ch7: Female Instinct
ch8: Her First Kill The Blood Has Been Spit by the First Time
ch9: Echo
ch10: Old Castle Happening
ch11: And so we set (pt1)
ch12: About Many Things
ch13: The Green Road Clash
ch14: The Finest Sir Apari
ch15: The Woman and The Girl
ch16: The First Relic Shooting Star
ch17: Echo 2
ch18: The Hunt For Hunters
ch19: Tears 
ch20: Invisible Forces
ch21: Einartoff, The Mountain Raiserch22: Meat,fire,life and friends.