white tells many stories, of characters without name, living in the world of Garden.

Garden is a tiny planet in somewhere not but far away. the stories of white happens in 3 kingdoms.

White Rose Kingdom, a huge kingdom on the west of this tiny planet. powerful and well know by their advanced knowledge at the science fields. they preserve the thinking over the feeling.

Black Rose Kingdom, another huge kingdom on the east of this tiny planet. powerful as White Rose, well know by their philosophers and artists, they preserve the feeling over the thinking.

and at the middle of those two giants, there is a tiny kingdom called Red Rose. few know this place, people there live peaceful simple lives, without many worries. they have a advanced sense about the life. and are always trying to see the brighter side of the things.

many happens at the life of the many characters that may live their adventures through those tree kingdoms, and together they will complete a storybook that talks about, reason, live and reality.