A child born from pain.
Sold as a item, and used ’till breaking point.
It did not broke.
Rose to the sky
Proved strong.
And fought for his world

Another Child.
Born from the sea, from the sky, from the stars.
Like a hunter, Withoug Sound, Shape, Shade,
End stalked, End Preyed.
But the child, Refused to end.

Born from the common. Rabble of the kingdom.
Daughter of the Brave, She had a dream.
She fought for it, it died before she could do anything.
She made a oath, to protect what is dear.
To find a place, where she could be herself.

Child of a king, heir to the throne.
Until a broken loyalty showed a plot.
Striped from his face, became no one.
The no one, who found the silent voices of ages past.

Child of magic, she lived among her own.
A million stars, to a single place.
Power beyond control, it twisted reality.
Child forever she is, But wise and powerful as the stars of her hair.

Child of faith, Born in a corpse.
Her scent of Lilacs, stronger than death’s stench.
She grew, raised in a rotting world.
Chosen by a planet in distress.
To be its savior, and to save all else.

Children,oh my children, dear children so brave and fair.
Sung, Unsung, and yet to be sang.
Let your tales rise to the sky as smoke from a fire.
And join the magnificence of firmament.
Let your tales, your efforts, your tears.
Your blood, Your pain, Your wounds,
Your woes, Your dreams, Your Joy,
Your cause, Yours battles, Your voice,
Your existance, Be remembered.
And watched, from far, from near, from no matter how far,
Be watched magnificient.
Simple and Beautiful.
As the light of a star.

Its been two nights since I wanted to write about this.

Its not been long since I started to listen to Sound Horizon, I’m quite late to the party as usual. This I assure will not be a long entry, just a quick one so I can get warmed up. I might try tackling on a week of small posts just to keep up with my mind busy. I feel less pain.


When I listen to sound horizon I forget all, as I let the sound take me to another place, and I watch many events unfold as the lyrics guide me through the scenes, its a great, really amazing work. Some other bands might have done this before but, Sound Horizon is where I started and, because of that, I’ll always will have a biased opinion towards them as ” its my shinny golden first band of storytellers “.

Just writing because, though I’m not a band, I make no musics that tell stories. instead I write them down, quite quickly and publish them unpolished and not worked as they should be. But thats why they should shine. They have endless potential.

And most of them link to each other in some way, its a huge web of stories that relate in some way. I didnt wrote any until the point they cross patches yet. But when that day comes. Get yourself ready, you have seen NOTHING.

Child Hear my Plea.

Protect me, oh my Child. For i am dying. Hear me my Child, for i have withstand for long now. Protect me for i have given you Power.

Absolute power. Power beyond imagination child. Power beyond comprehension child. Power to wreck both heart and mind, Power to decide what is and what is not. Hear me my child. Save me.

The answer of the Child 

Mother of mine, One who sustains me, One who sustains us all. Dear Great God Mother, i have saw your suffering, the suffering of my sisters and brothers, but even this power beyond all is not to be used freely.
I am bind by myself. Mother, I will save us all.

I know the enemy, The feeble ones. The Fangless ones. The Lightsiders. The outsiders. The Children of Enlightenment. I will not kill, i wont draw blood a single time. I wont either wipe them from existence.

I will gather my brothers and sisters, bellow the chosen mountain of that day, that day old eons ago, where The First of Us was declared the most important one. The Rock shall float Mother, and within, you, And upon, Me and my sisters and brothers.

leaving only a dead rock behind. and a cursed kind to die.

A sack of dung pie.
It thought it was human
illusions lasts moments

im the wind.
a gentle breeze of spring.
i carry only the lightest of the burdens.
yet, i carry none.

i am the wind.
i am empty.
yet im the one who fills the void.

i am the wind.
i am always alone,
i never leave anyone alone.

i am the wind.
i belong to nobody.
yet, i belong to earth.

i am the wind
i cant speak.
yet, i whisper off all secrets

i am the wind.
i am nothing.

You know… i am one of those lucky people that managed to live by a quiet and enjoyable life. The money i make comes from my job of course, but know you that i am by no means rich.

I live around the downtown of Shibuya, live here since i was a kid. My name is Yahiko, what should you know about me? Well, first i only went to high school, and its been two years since i graduated. Fuck no, im not going into college, thats too much of a hassle. I already got what i want, and i am loving it.

My man, if i were to tell you that im very found of weird stuff and all that shit, would that sound stupid? Hey! hold that BS ok? im not a weirdo, actually, all that weird, you know, paranormal shit is my deal, its also my business. But before we start i want to tell you one thing.  Im not a investigator or private detective, i just happen to have some of that and know plenty shit that happen in Shibuya.

oh and what to say about Shibuya… dude, its a fucking weird place, you feel me? Its the part of the city where the people, actually not just the young people but all people have a spot and can like, through fashion or their own way pick up themselves and say, dude, this is me, simply put, its a place where people can affirm themselves as unique.
And thats pretty important, and its exactly what makes Shibuya so spectacular.
Shibuya is like a rainbow man, where all colors can be themselves, yet, part of a single beautiful thing.

And thats perfect for the “Odd” ones.

In Plain daylight you will see the weirdest stuff here, well, least its not disgusting as is akihabara.  Lately through… i’ve seen a big amount of youngsters and even some salaryman going on about, you know, looking like they are high on something, now what the fuck im not gonna lie to you, the number of the salaryman into this is pretty high. Two things, it doesnt looks like they are on drugs, because Tokyo’s police been here searching the place and turning everything upside down like they… oh wait, they actually are authorities so they can act like they own the place… sometimes.

Well, thing is, after checking lots of youngsters, the biggest amount had no signals of having contact with actual any drug. Not to mention the others, if it is a drug, then it leaves no traces. Frankly, i’m yet to see a drug that leaves no traces at all. Specially when you are still under its effects.

But hey, you see. I got a lead, Last night i was taking a stroll trough, and by the Tamatsukuriinari Shrine, i saw a bunch of youngsters going outside, they had a lost look on their eyes, well… its Shibuya, and its ok we see some youngsters giving in to drugs its not so alarming, but, one of them was still smoking. And the smell was of rice powder. in other words, he was smoking rice.

Rice? i know rite, weird. But then again is Shibuya man, the weirdest of the weirdest happen here, just, why rice made they get high? i went in.

Well the first weird stuff was that i saw a dude wearing a Jōe well, lets just say he was wearing ceremonial shinto priest clothing. aside from the fact that he was alone, two other things were on the air. First too many cats, and second, The smell of incense was… intense. No problem well… i just had the knack for that.

Yes… but that called my attention, i went in, talked to the guy and asked him if i could get some. Went like:

” Good Evening jii-san, excuse me would you mind if i stayed here for a while? ”

man, i swear, he looked at me and i felt chills, he had quite a troubled look but said: ” Its ok, you are welcome to stay a bit. ”

” Oh thank you. ” i said back, and i did stayed for a while. The longer i remained there the more nervous he became, ill drop some extra details here: while i was there i noticed that some people passed by some at least passed there around three to four times and nobody went inside the shrine.

He remained there… getting more and more stressed until he went like, very very rude and said. ” dont you think its a bit late to be outside in the streets? ”

Well i said back. ” Nah, but i sure wish i had something to feel a little lighter you know what im sayin? ” yeah, i saw a glimmer in his eyes. He, looked all around twice, made a signal with his hand as if he wanted me to approach him, dude grabbed me one of those, said ” i think this might be your fancy. ”

Shit i got one, i smoke that thing, the other morning i was still feeling it. But yeah, no smells, no signal of me being druged, and a bad taste of burned rice.

But his eyes, i could not forget. Were the eyes of a cat. That dude, was definitely a Bakeneko. I went in the streets to know more about the effects of his drugs. I said to you before im one of those oddities, but im not a yokai or anything of that sorts, i happen to have been born with some abilities that people normally dont have, get that? Well, by the end of this day, i managed to talk with some people, they all said that the first one is always free. And that its enough to get you addicted.

Yeah… rice powder based blunts making people high enough to make’em addicts in just one go? HAHA you gotta be fucking with me. That guy was using something else to make people addict. I could bet on two things: one, he was fucking hypnotizing them, two, it was the incense. I heard stories of this happening before, so im not that skeptical.

im going to check it by myself tonight…

For real this time.

I put my midnight blue coat and cap with a golden thin stripe on it, just like the old police from the start of the Meiji era, and my heirloom the Tengai Genkai(天涯限界), Its a katana, the blade is about 3 meters, very long. my gun, yes its loaded, two extra magazines, i dont think im going to need it but you never know, there was that time i met a guy, and yakuza was involved, dudes poured in… wasnt pretty.

Its about 10’oclock. You see, its shibuya, nightlife is bustling here, place boils with people and its so bizarre sometimes that even Oni, and youkai go around like they should give no shit, and they are right, nobody believes in this kind of bullshit. Even when they are being rubbed in their plain faces. Off i go, weird as everyone else i take the train, directly to the very same temple. The smell of incense still burns… i wonder why…

i go inside, some youngsters are around, the monster looks at me, cloaked by the same illusion, and asks me

” Came here for your next one didnt you? ”

I swiftly say: ” Hey, jii-san, how old are those guys around. ” i look around, see their faces, they are young, wearing their uniforms, some arent even from nearby Shibuya.

” Ah, they are about to finish high school, some cant take the burden and responsibility, some are lost and dont know what to do next… i am here  trying to help’em find a little bliss, thats all. ”

” By pushing them into drugs? ” i shake my head looking to the floor, avoiding his eyes.

” If you put it that way… … but im just a priest trying to take care of my communit… ”

” hey, jii-san, cut that crap. thats not how a shinto priest should act. ” i say looking directly at his eyes, they are sharp, yeah catlike, he is no doubt a bakeneko, thinking im just a normal human.

” What did you said? ” he takes it back and seems to be a little distressed.

” I said, jii-san, what the fuck are you doing? Why sell drugs? Why are you not supporting them the way the shinto do, working their spirits in the beliefs and trying to help’em find their way in life? ” i spit on the ground ” If you’re the head of this place, makes sense the heavy incense odor, i bet it stinks like a truck full of cat load. ” i let a smile slide on the side of my mouth, and look at him. ” You know what i mean? ”

Yeah, he got the bait. Got distressed for real, the illusion is breaking.

” YOOOOOOUUUU!!!! ” he stands, fuck hes tall. his fur is all stirred up, hes getting that intense feels, here he comes.

” Wanna a piece? ” but he doesnt comes at all, he just jumps inward to the inner shrine, his voice echoes

” Get him! ”

The youngsters attack me, he IS in control here man. They simply charge, not like zombies, but with all they got.

I dodge a punch by squatting and then i make a sweep around in a full circle, some are down to the ground now. The legs now bent i use the strength stored to launch myself in the air, pound my sheathe directly in one of their faces while rising and use the head of two as skipping stones, i make it inside the temple with ease.

Dude, the temple is a mess. looks like nobody’s been taking care of the place, and i finally get why the incense was so intense.

There is really nobody alive to take care of it. Thats right, The motherfucker simply killed the entire shrine, the corpse are hanging around all over the place, it smells terrible, im no specialist so i dont know for how long they’ve been here, but im sure its been for quite a time. Hell, i could throw my dinner out at any second. I need to get out of here, ASAP.

” Hey jii-san, quite a party you threw here yeah? Managed to beat everyone dead, sure you know how to make a party. ”

” Hehe, you wouldnt believe these guys, even thought they are dead… ”

wait a minute, hes a bakeneko. ” Oh shit. ” yeah, thats my face.

” They are still quite full of energy. ” The dead rise, fuck me, bakeneko can raise the dead, I should have expected that.

There is no other way around, its chopping time. I unsheathe my 3 meter long katana Tengai Genkai. ” Since they are dead, they wont mind if theres a few dismembering right? ”

I hold my katana with my right hand, and i run about, as the dead chase me around. For some dead guys who rose very slowly from the ground, they are quite quick, but only as a regular kid. I get myself cornered so i can unleash something cool.

The right side of my body becomes covered by a cloak of darkness, and my eye become blue, this is my power, the right side of my body channels Tsukuyomi. The Moon God. the dead come, in a single swarm, like a caterpillar, and with the easiness of killing one, i slash them in pieces, sliding effortlessly through them, the 3 meter katana becomes a 6 meter long one, and with the power of Tsukuyomi, i can use the shadows made by moonlight as a portal, and teleport to wherever i want, Only if i step with my right foot, otherwise it does not work.

The dead are now slashed, the bakeneko is by his own now.

” Time to put it to a end dont you think jii-san? ”

” What are you? ” his voice is trembling

” Just another weirdo from Shibuya, duh, you’re prurr-retty dull for a cat arent you? ” i say mocking. ” Dude you probably dont know shit about this ward do you? ”

no answer

” Jii-san? ” eeeh…

” Im amused, i’ll give you that. but i am also very… ” hes behind me isnt he? ” ANGRY! ”

Yes he is, MOTHERFUCKER! i perform a quick 720º horizontal arc trying to get him, he just jumps airborne, hes dead.

As he comes falling down time slows for me. My insides channel the power of the god of storms, Susanoo. I am the center of the storm, The eye of the cyclone. My left side starts to shine like the sun, Through the left side i channel the power of our great goddess mother to us all, Amaterasu.

I crouch, to prepare myself for a jump. After unleashing my strength and launching me airborne i hold Tengai Genkai with both hands and cut in a perfect arc upwards. This is what i call Tenchu(天誅): or simply Divine Punishment.

The Bakeneko is cut in a half by a crescent blade of light and fire. I land using my right foot, so i can avoid any shock.

” May the gods have mercy on you in the afterlife. ” i say as i sheathe my sword back again.

And then i head home. Just another night in the ever bustling district of Shibuya.

Chapter Twenty – Einartoff, the mountain raiser

” I think its time to use my hammer again. ” Einartoff said picking his heavy giant hammer. ” it only looks heavy, weights a plume if i have to say so. ” he throws the hammer and Enrich picks is, it was too heavy for him.

” You Kidding you fight with this? ”

” Its light to me. ” he said picking the hammer back and showing off with it, as if it was just a small mace. ” Its also a relic. ”

” Why does everybody have a fucking relic? ”

” Not everybody, most old officers have one. Its part of the king’s old treasure and by now, the old leaders who were left behind are probably making their way out of the kingdom carrying as many as they could pack. ” he smiles ” i bet we’ll hold loads of firepower! ” he looks to the horizon ” everyone! listen! ” he turns behind looking at all the soldiers ” this is our last hour, our last stand, we’ll march right in the middle of the cardinal forces and smash them at the fort, it’ll be 2 forces against one, plus a pinch. I want everyone of you boiling with energy, pick up our weapons, because this is the moment, we either win, or die. You dont have a home to go back, you cant stay here inside this kingdom, our only chances lies outside in the wild lands, and the cardinal forces are the only ones in our way. Tell me soldiers, are you going to simply die? Or are you going to put a hell of a fight and maybe break out through their lines to freedom? ”

the soldiers gathered their equipment, and stood ready, they were mostly knights.

” I already have my answer. ” Einartoff said. then quickly turned towards the cardinal armies in a running motion, hammer in hands, ready for battle. Running and screaming like it was the last thing he would do.

Annalot soon followed him, then Enrich and Ariel, and the rest of the company, Stories tell that their numbers were a total of 174 knights, all graduated and experienced in battle. A small force, yet, with power enough to shake the ground.

During the advance Einartoff was always in the vanguard, in fact leading the vanguard, he was of course the most important, but once they sighted enemies forces, Einartoff screamed to his forces, ” stay back, just watch this ”

” Let me hold in my hands the tower of the sky, and be the weight of the blue infinity above the very weapon in my hands! ” The hammer glows golden ” And the starts that empower the aeons, turn the lanes and swirls, the very mystical dance of the universe into my impact! ” he jumps ” AWAKEN! MOUNTAIN RAISER! ” as he lands in the ground and the head of the hammer hits the ground a enormous shock wave is felt by everyone  around, from it a huge trail of stones go spreading through the floor directly into the army of the cardinal, upon reaching there Einartoff picks up his hammer and slams the base of the shaft on the ground as a staff, he screams ” ELDER THAN THE ELDERS, I ORDER YOU, FOR MY POWER IS THE ONE TO MAKE YOU BEND AT MY COMMAND! AWAKEN CHASM! ” the ground opened in a huge chasm, siege weaponry fell in as many unaware soldiers, the despair hit the enemies forces as some tried to turn around to see what was going on. Then Einartoff took his hammer and started to run towards them, everyone else behind him followed him into the fray, heroically he jumped inside the enemy ranks, as he landed, standing in only one leg he used momentum to spin the head of his hammer on all his enemies each slammed one simple flew far.

” WE ARE UNDER FIRE! ” one of the knights spotted as he saw a arrow volley rising in the horizon.

” BEND AGAIN UNBREAKABLE LORD, RISE MOUNTAIN! ” and from the same chasm a mountain rose up to the skies deflecting the arrows and hitting many of the enemy from bellow sending them flying to their demise.

The captain’s hammer was unstoppable.

But so was Annalot’s spear once she was joining the battle she quickly pleaded to the spear. ” Aid me again, please. ” she whispered.

” So be it ” the voice echoed in her head and again, the girl was possessed by the power of the spear, Her eyes bright red again and the gust of shining wind back again. She leaped, and started doing the same thing, masterfully wielding her spear as a graceful dancer, untouchable, deflecting blows and counterattacking before even the next second, swiftly disarming and making her way inside, two huge openings on the rear of the cardinal forces were carved and the knights were high on morale, each of them who peered inside and made it into the fray had hands heavy with energy and faith, heavy blows, swift feet, hope filling their lungs as their war cries rose up to the skies. Enrich peered inside with the Ariel who quickly made her famous relic work. ” One person, a single light, Many shadows. ” then from her quite a number of phantoms who just looked like her were made. they acted as shields for the knights. and thanks to the 3 powers of the relics, the advance was mighty and almost a miracle, as if the cardinal forces were butter and they were a really hot knife.

The cardinal forces were totally sliced in the middle.after fifteen minutes of fray. The forces with Annalot had pierced through, and as the knights poured out of the cardinal forces who took quite a blow, Einartoff was standing in the other side of the crossing making sure they were leaving, ” now let me put just the nail in the coffin for these traitors. ” he took the hammer with both hands and gripped it strongly.

” Oh unbreakable lord, hear my cry, come to my aid, for you are mighty, BE MY HAMMER! ” and with that he let a swing, from his swing the ground simply shattered and boulders rose in from of him sharp like the blade of a axe, by hitting each with his hammer, they simply flew as swift as the newly shot arrow by the best archer, slashing, crippling, beheading everything on its wake, at his side was Annalot, keeping the passage open protecting Ariel who was shielding the knights with her phantoms. Once all soldiers were on the other side she started to withdraw with Ariel to the other side as well, but by now the cardinal forces had no morale and most soldiers were terrified.

” Come, lets run away. ” said Einartoff

” But we got this one! ” said Annalot

” This battle is not ours, they lost already, their spirits are broken. We still have one milestone to acquire before i can say we are safe; ”

” What is it? ”

” Pass beyond the border. That is going to be easy but we still need to deliver it. ”

” Not a problem. ” they ran, as the cardinal forces simply stopped there lost and shocked. Badly damaged, the siege either wasted or completely destroyed.

In a unreachable place, there is a tall, tall tower that reaches the sky. There is said to live a being with power to match a god. A tiny being that is constantly watching over her world.

It was said that the being was a kind and charming witch, daughter of a people long gone. Their efforts on magic caused them to no longer need bodies of flesh, the legend tells they ascended and became stars.

The tower however is not lost, its so tall you can see from the distance a tiny needle rising in the middle of the horizon.

Once there was a scholar in our lands, who aspired to know what is a god. Many people gave many different answers and for years he could not figure out what is a god. Once he learned of the existence of such a person, he did not wait long and set on a journey to meet the witch and ask her: what makes a god?

he arrived at the feet of the tower and wondered if the journey up wouldn’t be too hard, he was also anxious to get up the tower. ” she must live up there ” he thought.

And the journey took up 3 days, The funny thing there was no door at the feet of the tower, in fact you had to climb a ramp, so wide a entire city spawned on it up to the top, filled to the brim with constructs of magic, golems if you may. once reaching the top he did not saw any sign the witch, only a huge door with the writings “Welcome to the Artificial Leyline Hub ” over its arc. the tower however did sprout a lot more to the top, with a large structure that looked like a giant jewel of some sorts.

The doors were wide open, as if welcoming anyone who wished to dwell inside. The scholar decided to go inside, after all it was about to get dark, But before he set in a golem came and held him by the hand, moving it head to the sides as if saying ” no ”

” Is there a problem? ”

the golem moved his head positively.

” Should i not go in? ”

The golem remained silent

” You cant talk? ”

The golem moved his head positively, then grabbed the scholar luggage and signaled him to follow. The scholar followed him to a house, the golem pointed to the house, with hands open wide. The scholar understood as ” You may stay here. ”

” Is she going to meet me here? The witch, is she coming here? ”

The golem moved his head negatively and left the place.
The scholar checked to see if the door was locked, it was not, in fact, the keys were upon a table inside the house, fresh food was inside, as if the house was prepared to receive a guest. By the side of the keys there was a short letter saying;

” Welcome my guest. unfortunately, its not safe to travel downwards inside the tower during the night time. Please, make yourself at home and enjoy your stay. As by morning, if you wish, my assistants may take you to my house as fast as they can. ”

Morning came and another construct came by the door presenting a letter that simply said:
” Do you wish to visit my creator? ”
The scholar took it and said, ” yes, please. ”
The golem took him up and mounted him up his shoulders. The ride was so swift that what could have taken a couple of days took only 3 hours. The scholar could notice on the way that, inside was also some kind of city, one that looked like it could very much be bustling in life but for some reason, everybody just vanished in the air leaving the traces of their lives behind.

At the very bottom of the tower a beautiful rustic well decorated house, with little carvings painted in gold, every single inch of the place very worked, looking like the best work of a doll house maker. The golem put the scholar gently on the floor, bowed and left in a slow pace.

The scholar approached the door, and rang the bell.
” Just a second, im coming. ” the voice of a little girl echoed from inside, taking the scholar by surprise.
Once she opened the door there was her, a small little stunning beauty with golden glowing eyes, like two suns, and her hair dark purple, but dark as the night sky, filled with bright spots as if in her hair you could see the infinity of the night sky,

” Good day sir, i was expecting you a little later. guess my assistants are a little better than i thought. Come on in, lucky you i have some tea prepared, do you care for some cookies? cake? ”

” Ah, some cookies are alright. Excuse-me little lady, but i believe you said my assistants? ”

” Oh yes i did, ah by the way where are my manners, My name is Arshe, what is your name? ”

” I attend by the name of Leblair. It is a honor to meet you. ”

She sat upon a comfortable couch and invited him for tea, and they talked for a while, until she asked

” So Mr. Leblair, what was it that brought you here? ”

” I came here young mistress, to learn about a god. ”

” A god? why here? this is not a church, let alone a temple of any sorts, why did you come over to my place in order to learn that? ”

” There are stories that talk about a witch living here, with the power to match the gods. ”

” Oh… Is that so? Well now that might be true. ”

” Where can i find her. ”

” You already have. ” She smiled back. ” You see, i was supposed to not look any younger by now, but it seems that my current appearance is stuck in time. I may look young, but thats only because of what happened in this tower a many millenniums ago. ”

” Can you tell me what happen in these grounds? ”

” The story is too long… well, not at all. ” She took on a sip and stared down to her teacup. ” I might be able to pack it simple for you so its not boring filled with useless details. Let me see… ah. This tower has been build as a catalyst for magical energy, this entire place is a facility, a laboratory of magic if you may. The fact we chose its shape to be a spire and that we build the doors on the top and the access way are  a ramp in spiral, also the fact that the access to the bottom of this place are also a spiral ramp, are no mere aesthetically chosen. This whole place is meant to act as a staff, a giant monstrous staff. ”

” Oh… ”

” And we live inside it, we made our experiments and researches here, we were close to discover things as essence of existence, life, all these things related to the fabric of reality and the very order of all being, alive or not. Even concepts as time, space, imagination… so many things its hard to remember them all. ” She takes another sip and smiles. ” It happens that, i was about 6 years old? yeah i think it was about it. Trouble happened and everything we had worked so hard simply blew up in a spiral of pure magical energy affecting everybody. every single one of us but me whose was inside home, exactly on the middle of this very spire at the bottom, the level where all magic gather, every single one just lost their body of flesh, had their souls tainted by the power and ascended. The very reason its dangerous to walk outside at night is because everyone became stars. Living stars. ”

” What happened to all the knowledge? ”

” I dont know old man. When i woke up thats pretty much what had happened, those were tough years but thanks to the changes i suffered because of that explosion, i managed to live on, indeed i have power to match the gods, i know how to use them, i can make many things as you saw my golems but there is one thing i cant make. ”

” And what is it? ”

” I cant tamper with life, souls are life, the very essence, thought i can make animated beings out of pretty much anything, i cant give them life. they work, they obey my orders and follow my schedules but they are not one of their own. I cannot say exactly how hard it would be for a regular person to do so but, let me tell you one thing, if i had to put my weight on your paper, i’d say that what makes a god is the ability to produce new souls, new life. ”

” Is that so? ”

” Yes Mr. , i dont think there is much difference between me and a god, rather than i cant make new life. ”

” Thats very satisfying arshe my dear. Thank you for the hospitality and patience. ”

” It was my pleasure Leblair, please come again. ”

” I sure will Ms Arshe. ”

And so left the Scholar, back to his work in the college. He did not got answers, just a coup of tea, cookies, and the company of a very pleasant person.

It all happened long ago, in the Scandinavian lands.

When humanity was young, so young that now it cant remember anymore, there were fairies, devils, giants, dragons, ghosts, gods and goddesses running around.

There was also, in this northern world, a kingdom, said to be the first Scandinavian one.

The royal family was made of a queen, mother to a prince and a princess.

The princess loved all the creatures that were not anima, that means, without a common soul. She was friend to the faeries, she played with the devils, she talked with giants, she used to fly mounted in dragons, at night she used to sing with the ghosts and was very found and loved the gods and goddesses.

The prince, he was jealous, full of envy of his sister, but not only envy inhabited his heart.  He hated the other creatures, they had nothing to do with the common order of this world, he failed to see their role. He hated how the faeries used to play pranks on the humans, he was disgusted of the devils and how they used to eat human flesh, he was jealous of the knowledge the giants had, and of the freedom the dragons had on their backs, he was afraid of the ghosts, and hated how the gods and goddesses were able rule mightier than a man bestowed a crown.

The queen, she shared the same feeling the prince had towards the creatures, but loved magic, and power. With such passion, the queen, growing ever tired of those creatures, thought of making a contract, she was tired already of having her people being pestered by those creatures, but she still had great love for the power these ones could give to a human, and she was one of those, She called upon their secret names in order to ask favors and wield great power to lead her kingdom.
Then, one noon, she thought of visiting the great fairy queen Elfan;

Speaking to her, a contract has been made, for the fairy queen saw no wickedness on the eyes of the queen, and the queen saw no tricks in Elfan’s word.

The contract, sliced the world in two, the daylight was for the human, as they couldn’t see in the dark, and were afraid of it, and the moonlight were for the magical ones, as they loved to party, to dance, and to hunt, they also had a passion for the stars and the moon. The only hours those two worlds could be together were during Sunrise and Sunset.

The prince loved it, as he needn’t to see there creatures anymore, the princess, however, hated it, as she couldn’t spend as much time as she wanted with her friends anymore.

Time passed, years passed, the queen died, the prince married to a beautiful woman called Ayre, and took his rightful place as the ruler of that land, his was the most fair and rich rule that ever lasted. The croops were wealthy and the summers beautiful, great fortune were bestowed upon the kingdom every time the Ayre had a newborn.

Ayre was a great friend of the princess, and the princess knew all about Ayre.

One night, the now King, found Ayre and his sister talking in Ayre’s private chambers, he skulked in the dark and eavesdropped everything, he learned of Ayre’s true name and identity, he was married to a goddess, all this time, in rage, he slew Ayre and decided to put an end to this. war was about to burn.

Elfan, the fairy queen, knew it as soon as banshee started to wither, and, ordered
the king to be summoned to her chambers.

There she convinced him that, she would go to her own world, bringing everything that was rightfully of her kin, leaving the humans alone, forever. the king accepted and with this, no fairy, no devil, no giant, no dragon, no ghost,
no god nor goddess, and, in special no magic were left in the world, however,Elfan also took with her all fortune and wealth that the marriage with Ayre brought upon the kingdom.
The Fairy queen also left a gift to the loving princess, the remains of her kingdom, and there, the princess became the first human fully able to call upon magic by herself, as Elfan did it in secret, the king knew nothing, and as the princess left the kingdom, and the ages passed, from her womb, were born all those in the world we call mages, people able to use magic.

Just a moment ago things were different.
There was life in this world, there was time in this world. Just a moment ago, i was a regular human child. Before it happens that i forget how it all came to be, i hope that in this prayer my story reach the ears or the eyes of someone, so it doesn’t simply vanishes in thin air. Much like the old normal way of the things.

I was a normal human child, Daughter of a fisherman named Wagner and of a  seamstress named Keane. We all lived in a small village by the sea, a couple houses there and there, near the beach we had a bonfire site where sometimes people would go to join each other, a big house for everybody to join and discuss matters, we also had a nice storage where we kept the supplies, i knew of some worked fields were we used to grow some grain and vegetables, we also had a herd of sheep and a mill nearby.

Me and my friends enjoyed a life full of freedom and fun. Around our village a wide plain field of grass, covered with bushes and small trees there and there, were we used to play chasing the wild horses from far, catching bugs, or just playing tag and many other games until we felt so tired we wanted to go home. To the far side in you could see towering mountains, we the child never ventured there, but the older people in our village, my parents included, sometimes went there to trade our goods for goods of other people. In the field there were small constructions that were elder than our small village. Stories say that we came from the ocean, and upon arriving, these things were already there, they look like bowls turned upside down, inside they house a well, it goes deeper than the sound of a falling stone can be heard when it hits the ground. Back in the moment, people were always saying to never go near them, now there is nobody left around to tell that. And the buildings are still around, intact.

Everything was fun and freedom, until some strange day.

I had just waken up, my mother greeted me with a bowl of baked apples with sugar, said her prayers, as i said mine, and she let me leave to play with the children.
It was a free day. thought some strange feeling of peace and stillness was hanging in the air, the type you feel when the ocean breeze blows bringing the scent of seaweed during the late hours of the night, a strange feeling of everlasting ending, Something that is quite impossible to tell in words. The breeze that day was strong, the sun was soft, the water was nice, and we played all day long until lunch time. That day me and my friends didn’t return home for lunch, instead we decided that we would catch our own fish, everyone had their very own fishing rod, we went around to find bugs which we quickly filled a ceramic jar and went to the nearby cape to fish. The strange day was strange indeed, as the fish were biting. But Biting as if pursuing death, they were not resisting, just biting and letting being pulled out of the water with minimal or no struggle at all. even the big ones could be pulled out of the water with minimal effort. that day we got plenty fish, and believe we ate a little bit too much. After that we still lingered in the beach, everyone started to feel nostalgic, we sat in the sand, stared to the blueness of the sky while clouds passed by over our heads as the wind blew gently the entire day. The hours passed, the sky started to change colors and we silently watched it. after being dark we counted stars and talked about what shapes they could form if you linked them.

When it was time to go home the world was more quiet then normal, everyone was very pacific and nostalgic, some looked like they were sightly drunk, they were all around the bonfire, but no one was drinking, they were only having a communal meal, i joined as did my friends too, it ended quietly, we didn’t sang anything, just talked about how we all were happy the way we were and how the merchants from abroad would envy our peace.
I bet they did.

Then it was bed time, i was ready and laying. I had a strange feeling inside, that was pulling me out home, some warm, comfortable, peaceful feeling that was calling me outside, the elders had me warned about these feelings, and i knew better, i should just ignore them and stay in my bed, trying to catch a sleep, so did i. The wind that night was strong and made all the chimes of our village sing sweet melodies.

Before dawn one of my friends woke me up from my window and told me that there was something strange happening.
It was indeed strange.
There was a man made of light bugs. I still don’t know if he was a man made of light bugs, of if it were light bugs flying like a man but that was the shape of a man, made by many flying light bugs. He was outside and had waken up all the children in the village. We followed him, knowing that it was a bad idea but we did it anyway. Before we knew, we had followed him deep into the green field, inside one of the buildings, the bugs scattered, and we were left inside the building. The ceiling was curiously made of glass making it possible for the moonlight to lit the entire room, and what was mostly strange, there were numerous things all around the well. Cups, dolls, broken plates, vases, pieces of art, paintings from things I’ve never been able of imagine, clothing in very strange fashion, knives, arrowheads,  strange artifacts i didn’t had idea of what they where and what they were used for.
While we were distracted by all that, a rock came out of the well, as if something had thrown it out.
We were not stupid kids, we knew nothing could ever throw a rock from inside that well, so strongly it would end up here. Soon a glass vase followed, as it broke we felt a little scared, but then a strange device that went “tic tac” ascended. We sat, and through the night many things came out of the well.
The other day was as ordinary as the previous ones. But the strange feel of peace and stillness lingered on everybody and everywhere. the day repeated until dark.
I was about to sleep.
The feeling of being called came.
The light bug man was there, he made a signal to me, or at least i think he did, i followed. Followed him to the same spot.
And before i could remember, it was dawn.
I went home, found nobody, nobody.
Everything was intact there was just, nobody.
I despaired, hit a ceramic bowl upon the table and it feel on the floor but it didn’t broke. just made sound that it was supposed to make, but no the sound of breaking, it was there, intact. I tried with many other things, nothing could break.
There was no fish.
The ocean was calm, the breeze was calm, The dawn never turned into morning, and so… we reach where i am.
A moment ago, everything was fine.
Then suddenly, everyone vanished, and everything is frozen.

My name is rubia. and that was how i lived until a moment ago.


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