They both obeyed and rushed as fast as they could, but…
As they passed Bianca, she rushed outside and shut the door tight.

” Bianca, what the fuck you are doing? “

” Going bad, real bad. “

” What? You mad? “

” This is my turn. stay inside, its safer. Im all out now. “

With that she started to gather magical energy, the winds started to blow in her direction causing her hair to flutter around furiously, the Paladins started shooting the moment she started channeling the first bullets were clearly showing that the effort was going to be a dead one, but they keep the volley fervent and constant, synchronized with small groups recharging as others keep the fire alive, about 5 rounds of recharging and unloading at the weaver they stop.

Inside the house people were in distress screaming her name but to no avail, Bianca had shut the house tight only to open if she let it. Meaning even if she died, the house would only unlock if she wanted, only way to get out was blowing a wall or something in that sense. And only from inside. Her mother dying in tears, her friends red with rage and screaming, her father however, calm, eyes closed, keeping the composure sitting in the main stairs of their mansion.

” Thats my girl. ” he said

” What!? ” lilac yelled at him ” Shes playing the suicide! you know? “

” Watch, Bianca is exceptional “

after the rounds, heavy smoke  was all around, you could barely see anything besides it. but with the slow dissipation, there was the girl, eyes sparking white, hair floating in the air, and a white light emanating from her body.

” My turn. “

She draw an arc with her arm pointed towards the Paladin soldiers, the movement created a crescent blade launched in horizontal style aiming to hit every single soldier in the perimeter. But midway the blade grew into a screen and by the time it hit it was resembling a wave. It leaved a trail of destruction from the moment Bianca left it, Tiles from the floor, pieces of dirt from the front gardens, everything burned, and what was left of the soldiers? Nothing. not even a small token to tell their tales.

” Thats all? ” she said. ” Im not even getting started. “

” Then could you concede me this dance milady? ” a familiar voice

Lillian just arrived in a motorcycle, heavy armed as it was looking, white armor, crested with jewels, a shield, and a gun, Berretta 89 .22LR.

” Shall we begin? ” Lillian shot the first bullet and go around Bianca in clockwise fashion, Bianca simply disintegrated the bullet in its trajectory still midair, and following Lillian’s way she also started to go around in clockwise fashion, they keep going around shooting furiously, Bianca had her both hands trying to hit Bianca with bullets of light while Lillian tried to do the same, sometimes the bullets would almost crash, but due to the behavior of the small jewels in the head of Lillian’s bullets, they absorbed the magical bullets, making both look like they did crash, while in truth one just absorbed the full impact and power, losing its momentum in process.

” Lillian do you got a plan? “

” What? “

” Because, i give you 3 seconds to find a way to defend yourself. “

” What are y… “

” one. “

” w-wai “

” two “

” arg! “

” Three! ” Bianca enchanted her legs to run just like earlier in the metro, only she was trying harder and went much faster, Lillian unloaded a full magazine aiming at only to shot air. Bianca had vanished in a blast of light, Leaving Lillian swiftly looking around.

” Up here! ” Bianca shouted.

” What the hell! “

Freccia Bianca! ” she pointed towards Lillian, this time twelve orbs were placed, the rain was brutal, The paladin raised the Jewel Shield and absorbed the entire volley, the jewel was now shining bright from the energy it absorbed.

” Bad move, i can use this against you. “

” What? “

Lillian opened her hand, showing a small lens housed inside her gauntlet, doing so she shot the energy in form of a bolt towards Bianca.

” The h… ” Bianca projected two light screens, Lillian counterattacked shooting them down, Bianca fell to the ground thankfully before that happened, but Lillian gave chase and keep on shooting, all Bianca could do was run around avoiding being targeted.

” Whats the matter Bianca? Its the same energy as yours. Scared of what you can do? “

Bianca shot two orbs at Lillian that exploded upon contact, and taking advantage of the noise and smoke, she ran to the backyard.

” Running away girl? ” she waited for a response but got none, then she sighed. ” Ah what now… Okay we are going to play your little game. “

The backyard was huge, grass all over and plants with flowers of all kinds. Sadly it was dark and the presence of all the flower pots and some trees, tall bushes and all sort of decoration made it a nice place for Bianca to find some kind of ground advantage.

” Where are you Bianca? ” Said Lillian shooting a bush. ” You’re going to hide? ” then shoot a statue. ” Come on, lets finish it already. “

” I got you now! ” Said bianca coming from behind a large flower pot with a red rose bush. With both hands she shot a huge blast of light towards Lillian.
Lillian then, turned around swiftly and put the Jewel in front of her, absorbing impact and aiming it back at Bianca, upon contact, Bianca broke like a mirror.
” That trick again? “

” Its called doppelganger. “

” Clever trick but i wont fall t… “

” Lets see if what you say holds true. ” Four Biancas were surrounding her now, they all launched a huge bolt of light at her, Lillian duck, but she could feel the heat coming from the thing, the spells unfulfilled each other, and in the small frame of time Lillian hit each of the doppelganger.

” Quit with that! “

” Theres more from where those came. “

Three doppelgangers started to fire from Lillian’s back, she shot each one only hitting two, one managed to hit her but the jewel in her armor absorbed the power.

” Your armor resembles Isaac’s “

” Its standart equipment, Come out bianca! ” Lillian took out a grenade and loaded a flare. ” You have two seconds… “

no answer

” one. “

She then stopped counting and fired the flare aiming the sky, finding bianca with the blazing light from it; ” there you are. ” soon afterwards launching the grenade, Bianca reacted shooting the grenade making it explode midair, its easier to hit your targets when you are a weaver, since the bullet can correct its own trajectory while in movement, like a homing missile. The fragments of the grenade were avoided by her using a small barrier, which in turn Lillian fired five times against just to make sure there was not going to have enough time.

but thats when Bianca’s most gifted ability showed up. She can flash small distances.

” What the f… “

” HERE! ” said Bianca while launching a blast of light towards Lillian

” Up here now. ” Said her at the rooftop now, launching an orb

” Behind ! ” another blast of light

” Attention Lillian! “

Lillian was completely in defensive, she had few options and her reflex made her use the shield all the time, it was getting at full load. Bianca keep the pressure until the jewel in the shield cracked and exploded wounding Lillian’s arm.

” YOU LITTLE PRICK! I’LL KILL YOU ” Upon rage Lillian thew some sort of explosive in a disc form, they were thin and light, upon hitting the ground these bombs were strong, loud noise, high power, not to count they started small fires all around, she keep on throwing those all around almost getting Bianca in the process, but hitting plenty Doppelgangers set up to hit her.

” Damn she is mad now. ” Thought Bianca.

” There you are. ” Three shots, Bianca ran. ” No place to hide. ” Explosive discs, Bianca keep on running. ” No runing around! ” Explosives on the front of the Weaver girl and Bullets on her back and aimed at her. She flashed, just to the front of Lillian, unloading a small amount of energy to the ground making it tremble a little, Lillian was caught off guard, now almost out of balance Bianca placed her hands in her chest and launched a bolt of light, so strong Lillian fell to the other side of the garden.

Bianca flashed twice, and aimed a shot to Lillian’s gun. Hurting Lillian’s hand with the impact, Lillian dropped the gun in fright, Bianca then flashed again and grabbed the same hand, flashing with Lillian to the middle of the garden.


” WHAT!? “

Bianca Flashed once a small distance away from Lillian, she whispered quickly

” lasciare che la luce sia la mia catena, si legano qualunque cosa che esso si illumina “

” Catene accecanti! “

From the ground giant chains sprouted binding Lillian to the ground, Bianca keep her hand pointing to her, her hair fluttering in the air as she was constantly channeling mana to the chains, Lillian’s armor could absorb magical energy. Quickly the armor was overloaded and also broke, but did not hurt Lillian, it simply cracked and was no longer absorbing anything.

after that Bianca knelled down and put her hand in the ground.

” Had enough? ” Said Lillian.

” Lillian, dear, im not tired, i just started to break a sweat. “

” What? “

” The real deal starts now. Look around. ” Lines of light started to form in the ground, circles and arabesques, scriptues, symbols and suddenly a cone of circles formed from where Lillian was, rising up to the skies and reverting the direction of the tip after a certain height

” girare “

The circles in the air started to spin

” caricare “

The circles in the ground started to glow

” Stop! ” said Lillian

” Generare “

In the middle of the circles in the air a ball of energy was emerging, and expanding

” I DONT WANT TO DIE! ” screamed Lillian, trying to free herself from the shackles.

 Questa terra santa, Creato dai miei antenati, per il giudizio, ora portare te la pace. “

The wind started to blow furiously

” Riposi in pace, Lillian la Paladina “

The light inside the swirling circles in the air were shot in a gigantic burst of power, then a tall pillar of light were lit far upwards, Lillian’s body was engulfed by it.

and vanished from the site.

Glas says:” What the fuck!? ” 

Cian says: ” What the hell!? U alright Bianca? “

Scarlet says: ” Where in heavens are you right now? “

Rumena says: ” How the hell did they? “

Lilac says:” Bianca dont go home! i repeat dont go home! “

Bianca says: ” And where do i go, Lilla? “

” Its not like i can just not go back home, we are all weavers there, i must warn them. “

” Besides, they attacked me inside the train, do you have any idea of how many people did i put into danger just because i was scared? Im almost going back there just to check if they are alright! “

Lilac says: ” Forget “

” These “

” people “

” NOW! “

Sienna says: ” They went after you, with a train thats completely packed with people? “

Bianca says: ” Yeah. “

Sienna says: ” What the fuck these guys dont play nice! “

Lilac says: ” Are you sure you are a teacher? “

Sienna says: ” Whaaat? “

Bianca says: ” guys, focus here. “

Cian says: ” Where are you going then? “

Bianca says: ” Home. Where else? “

Lilac: says: ” Remember Viola? “

Bianca says: ” well yes, but you said she wasnt the target. “

Lilac says: ” and thats right, but they attacked at home, i am only alive because Viola gave her life for mine. “

Bianca says: ” you think they would kill my family just because im there? “

Lilac says: ” yes. “

Bianca says: ” im going there anyway, i need to warn them of the danger! “

Sienna says : ” i’ll go there, Lilac is coming with me as well, we’ll ask you to stay with us. “

Bianca says: ” they are weavers too, you dont understand, i might be Lillian’s target now but they’ll kill all weavers they can! “

” we cant afford to let anyone of us uninformed! “

Lilac says: ” Bianca, just go straight home, Sienna and i will be there for you. dont worry. “

Bianca says: ” thank you! <3

Bianca went home as usual that night, Sienna and Lilac were heading there as well. Tonight Bianca was heading home by bus, tired, stressed, completely weary of all the abuse. How could Lillian track her down that way? the only sane explanation for it was that she was being tracked for a while already, and yet how did she knew the cart Bianca was going to take? Nobody chooses the cart they are going to ride, and Bianca doesnt tends to follow a pattern on what cart she usually takes. ” This is an absurd! ” she thought , and when the weariness was finally taking the best of her, it was her stop, she got off from the ride and went straight home.

Upon arriving she saw Sienna’s car parked right at the front of her place, Lilac waved from inside.

” Oh! ” bianca smiled

” The bus sure goes around doesnt it? ” Sienna asked

” Yes, it does… its a tiresome ride but hey, no way to get home using the metro lines today, so… any sight of anything going on? “

” No, its all quiet. Ok, this is going to be quite hard to explain your parents about… “

” Not at all miss Sienna. My family is used to it, mother told me that our family used to run a villa, until they started to get hunted by the templars. Said that we were using the devil’s power to heal people and convert them to evil. And our story goes on that way since the catholic church ascended into power. Thats how we ended here far to the north. “

” They were expecting being followed here? “

” I used to pray everyday for it to not happen with me. I had plans with my life. “

” I see. “

Bianca sighs, and looks to her house. It is a big house indeed, one could say it was a small mansion. Bianca’s family was old and well known for their medicine contributions. most of them were medics, and the weavers of the family were good healers, which caused their fame as good medics grow faster and stronger. They were used to use spells secretly in the hospitals they worked to help their patients get better quicker, also, their clients always had a iron health, thanks to their magical abilities.

After entering home, Bianca went straight after her father who was always at the kitchen, her father had a strange tie to the kitchen, always spending his time there when there was nothing for him to do, making it an easy task for him to be found.

” Papa, we have a… ” Bianca started to cry, and her father got quite distressed because of that

” Bianca what happened? “

” Papa i, i… “

” Bianca please stop crying, you are scaring me! What happened to you? “


” Oh my, dont you… “

” No! I really got attacked, and by that i mean Paladins. “

” … ok, this is serious, when, where, who? “

” Today at the metro, i was heading back home, everything stopped, the lights went dark, they threw sleeping gas bombs, said they would kill everybody if i did not went with them, and the rest is story but, listen father, they might be coming here! And the name of the Paladin was Lillian. “

” I dont know her but Paladins are paladins, “

From outside Lilac screamed

” They’re here! “

” Who are those Bianca? “

” Its Lilac and my teacher ms Sienna. “

” Open the door we are going to hold them outside! Tell Lilac and your teacher to come in! “

” Yes father. “


After spending some hours together, Each of one of the girls went to their respective places. Bianca wasnt a exception.
Her home was quite far from the school, thankfully she only had to get a train back home everyday. Tonight she keep with her usual route, from the bar down the street until the avenue. Then going down the metro station and getting the first one straight home. Took on about a hour every day.
During the way she used to simply start humming some songs, not being a fan of using earphones or headphones outside, she preferred to listen her small humming, low enough for nobody to listen, except herself. After boarding, she could got to sit comfortably  in one of the chairs, closed her eyes and started the humming.

One, Two, Three stations the train was getting full, when Bianca senses a disturbance, she quickly open her eyes, look around and thinks.

” It must be pure stress. “

she goes back to her humming but it doesnt matter how much she tries to calm down, its impossible for her to, frustrated, Bianca stops and looks outside, she sees something moving by the side of the railway.

” What the hell is that thing? “

not two seconds later, the train suddenly comes to a abrupt stop, and the lights go out everyone and everything is shaken at the moment, panic strikes, in the same instant, sleeping gas bombs are thrown through the windows, Bianca reacts by casting a spherical screen around her. the moment she opens her eyes from a blink, the doors suddenly open up and people from the Paladin Organization pour inside the cart.

” I told you to expect me. “

Bianca suddenly stands up and shouts at the voice ” WHY ARE YOU HERE!? “

” I have come for you. Isaac was stupid, even thought i… it doesnt matters i am here for you, i am going to hunt each one of you down one. by. one. “


” It doesnt matter, i know you are going to simply follow my terms to save each one of those poor innocent people. ” She then steps in the head of one of the unconscious. ” Am i right, Bianca? “

Bianca is clearly nervous, she is about to burst but bursting now could be catastrophic. ” Maybe theres a bomb in the train? Maybe shes simply going to kill us all, it doesnt matters they have ways to make this look like just an accident or the attack of a terrorist or something in the lines “

” You have only two choices Bianca, listen to me, or pick your luck. “

Bianca succumbs, she lowers her head and shoulders and says: ” Please, just leave these poor people alone. If its me you want, its me you are going to get. Just stop this bullshit already, and leave my friends alone as well. “

Lillian smiles ” All that but your friends are going to be safe, i promise you. “

She then grab Bianca by the hands and takes her outside of the train, she was even being gentle with the girl and that was making Bianca feel more uneasy than before.

” Come with me Bianca, and dont try anything funny, my boys are right behind you, we’re armed with absorbing rounds, so i dont think your light screen can defend you now, i prepared it all for you. im telling you its going to be hard to get away from this. “

” I dont plan to get away Lillian. Im tired of hiding. Being a weaver is a curse. “

” Ah, do you think so? “

” Lillian, if it were you,  right now, wouldnt you feel the same? Having dreams, goals for your life, wanting only to live and enjoy what life has to bring. I am yet to start it and where am i already? Being taken to a execution site, just because of who i am. I didnt even killed anybody, i never stole, i was always a good girl, i studied hard to achieve the best scores, i wanted to go into college, maybe one day get a boyfriend, HELL! I DIDNT EVEN KISSED ANYBODY YET! “

Lillian stops and quickly grabs Bianca by her waist drawing her very near, then gives her a passionate kiss and looks at the girl with playful eyes.

” So, now you have at least kissed someone. “

” Y-you MONSTER! ” Bianca says whith an angry trembling voice.

” Why am i a monster? Wasnt you the one complaining the fact you had never kissed someone? now you had it, not only, it was a hell of a kiss, i even got a little turned on. In fact… looking at you, you’re quite the find. Dont you think boys? “

The grunts smile but then Lillian shouts ” Yeah, but dont get any funny ideas, we’re not going to defile her, we’re Paladins, we’re here to keep the world safe for the human race. “

Bianca was shocked at how could Lillian was, yet still righteous, she had a cause. Something sparked within Bianca, she remembered what Lillac had said once: ” Its kill or be killed. “

” Kill or be killed… ” she murmured

her hair started to flutter and pale blue lines were being drawn towards her, Lillian reacted as fast as lightening and shot Bianca right in the forehead. Only to hear the sound of breaking glass.

” What? ” Lillian looked all around the darkness, and as quick as she could she took a flare bullet and fired it aiming at the ceiling. ” Keep your eyes open, turn on your night vision, she cant be far! “

Bianca was running, running faster than she ever did in her life, she had the idea of sending a message to her friends but inside the railway there was no signal. She was starting to lose hope.

” I dont want to kill anybody! ” she murmured.

Her legs were under the effect of a spell to endure and work at superhuman proportions, the distance was fair by now. At a given point she started to see a light in the end of the railway, ” The Station! ” she thought, wront, it was a blockade.

” Kill of be Killed. ” She remembered Lilac words.

” … i… ” she stopped, breathed and said. ” I… I am sorry. “

She placed 5 circles in the air, and pointed her palm in the direction of the blockade

” possa la luce della mia volontà, tagliare corto la mia preda. “

she circles started to make rising spinning noises

” Freccia Bianca! “

The circles started to shot bolts of light at high speeds, the ones at the blockade lost the composure and were quickly wiped by the movement of the girl. While the circles were still shooting, she began running again in the same speed as before, until she got near the Station, from there, she tried to blend and go out, went as fast as possible for her legs to carry her on normal speed and sent a message to her friends.

I am under attack.

Bianca left the rooftop, trying to hold her composure but quite not being successful at it. She was frightened, it was clear as clean glass that the girl had her nerves struck hard. The other students that were around, at least the school and its students were safe by now. The girl grabbed the cellphone, a quick glance at the display and she knew it was still nine o’clock. She quickly tapped through the screen and send a message to the other six:

” please come meet me ASAP at the juice shop near the school’s playground. Be cautious, and come ready. ” 

After sending she didnt even went home, she simply went there and waited for them, there were still some students around. The establishment was well lit and kind of colorful, remembering the colors of many fruits, the fragrance was delicious and the climate was delightful. Definitely cheerful.
It took around a hour for all the girls to arrive there. Why were they answering this call by now should be self explanatory by now, they were all in high alert after Isaac.

” What happened Bianca? ” Lilac was the first one to speak up as they sat down.

” There is a new Paladin already on our… i mean, in my tracks. I already met up with her, her name is Lillian. “

” Thats nice, we already know the name of our next enemy. ” says Lilac.

” No Lila, it is not. “

” But why Bianca? At least we know that there is something coming after us! “

” I can agree with Bianca there Lila. ” said Cian. ” If you didnt notice we took one down, there is another already at our, i mean, at Bianca’s neck. dont you forget what Rumena went by, they actually kidnapped her, this same week we went through heavy bullet fire, you even had to kill someone while taking serious injuries. Stop to think about it. They wont stop until we all are dead, until the whole town is under control and the Walpurgisnacht is neutralized again this year. “

” why dont we just leave the town? ” Glas asks

” That is a quite nice idea… but… assuming the short scenario we’ve been through… “

” Glas, they wont leave us be. ” said Rumena.

” W-wait? what do you mean they wont leave us be? “

” They are hunting us Glas. They will come after us, they wont stop until we are no more. We killed one of their agents, not to mention thats their intent, this wont just stop after the walpurgis. Its going to haunt us forever, we are under their radar now. Glas, we are targets. “

” We’ll fight then. Right? I mean, thats the only way out. ” Said Lillac.

” Girls, can i finish what i had to say? ” says Bianca.

” Oh. ” – ” Yeah… ” – ” Go on please. ” were their responses

She breathes, orders a cup of milk strawberry and goes on ” She told me to expect her, she didnt left me any other details, all i know is that she is after me, i wont be able to rest, not just because of my own safety, yours as well. Any of us can be a target and, we need each other to survive this. I got to talk to her today, she invited me to the rooftop and we talked a little about what was going on. They are taking over the city, slowly but they are. ” the milk strawberry is well delivered, she takes a sip and continues ” I dont want to die. I dont want people to die because i am making my way through to survive this. I had plans for life, i cant live on being hunted, always paranoid while i try to live a normal life. She even said she was ready to simply  destroy the entire school with or without us inside just to get to us. Can you fucking believe it? “

Bianca wasnt a girl of cursing around like that.
She started to sob.

” I dont want to stick to the shadows just to live. I dont want to live with the fear of dying every day, i want to enjoy my everyday life without having to be alert at all times of my surroundings. “

Each girl had a different expression over their faces

” Expect me yes? ” said Lillac ” Was it what she said? “

” She did. ” The real hunt is about to begin ”  she also said. ” Bianca looked with disaproving eyes to lilac, who was now with her head hanging from the back of the chair, her arms laid to the sides, as she was looking to the lights at the ceiling. ” Lillac, it is not fun. “

” I never said it was… ” she sighs ” I never said it was… “

” Then why do you look so excited about it all? “

” Oh… I have no real idea. “

” Dont you have plans Lillac? ” asked Cian. ” You know, school is about to end, you should have at least some goal for life for the time we graduate. Its only natural for a person to have some goals. “

” I… its… hard i… i dont know… i, just dont know what to do. Everything simply feels so… i start to think about it and all kinds of philosophic speeches come to my head, all lectures about future we had until now, it seems that they simply hit and lay down blunt… i… i have no idea about anything. ” she smiles ” Then, i start realizing im being hunted, i feel a rush of energy, its almost like i want to play their game… or is it? “

” So, you dont have plans? “

” oh no… i dont have any. “

” and because of that Lillac, you cant understand what we are feeling now, i guess. ” Said Bianca

” Yeah but, think about it. I can be there, always protecting you guys. “

They all giggled in unison, and had a small time trying to relax for a bit that night.

all thanks go to my friend Daniel at https://twitter.com/danielbpc

all thanks go to my friend Daniel at https://twitter.com/danielbpc

[Picture thanks to my old good friend Daniel (@danielbpc)]

It is probably far to the north, or far to the south, facing a blue/gray-ish sea.


its colder than i can bear with, way way colder but im just fine with it all. the Ocean spreads wide in front of a beach, made of round soft peebles, and by getting near the water, it turns slowly into a soft layer of fine thin sand.

the sky is clear, the color is blue, and sometimes gray, the night is breathtaking every single day, during the day the soft warm rays of sun touch everything giving a soothing feeling and peaceful light to all it touches. at night the moon shines beautifully with it’s light dancing upon the sea which perfectly mixes itself with the dark starry sky at night, almost as if we were facing infinity, as the stars reflect upon the calm water. the sound of the ocean is soft and enchanting, a endless lullaby of coming and going, in a sound that goes like wish wash, low, constant, and small.

the scenary is mostly white during cold seasons, and gray colored during warm seasons, during spring, you can see plenty spots of color dancing in the background mixing with the melting snow and making for great contrast for the eyes, causing a vibrance of emotion leading to tears of joy, simple because you are there to see it. During summer, the bed of moss, grass and many other small bushes show up around the shores, making it a pleasant thing to simple walk and feel all that mix of greens and reds and orange, sighing is natural and makes you wonder ” why am i so lucky for being alive? “, the Autumn  is made of red, orange, brown and gray tunes all over, the smell of the treeline right behind takes place for a delicious perfume that dances captivating all. 

time goes on, yet… it is like you can live forever there. most likely you can.

at dawn and sunrise the spectacle is just unimaginable as the colors of the rainbow dance in the sky and mix in layers as if the sky was in truth a pastel rainbow of sorts, when dusk, slowly having these tiny lighthouses from the beyond we call stars kindle up in the sky while the moon slowly rises up from the ocean and the rainbow fades into the black.

when sunrise, the darkness breaks into a array of blues and as soon as the first sunrays shine up in the horizons, the colors start to take place as each star simple slowly fade away and the clouds become white as snow.

the whales pass by, peacefully in distance, majestic as kings and queens, singing their songs of many eras, of many tales, of many lyrics and inspirations. their arias blessing the spirit with mystical might.

the bears, lords and ladies of the ground gently rule the life, as if ancient spirits as old as the world, together with the whales, their every steep is like a lesson about life.

wolves roam free, the eagles share the sky with the swallows flying over, the little fish live together with the big fish in harmony.

and just to finish it all with wonders, the gods grace us with dancing lights, the northern lights all over the sky.

no human to see, over a mile and over then over and forever again.

there is just me.

with my gray gondola, gliding as i feel the wind blowing making my hair dance like a flag, together with my long long red ribbon attached.

have you ever thought of suicide? 
have you ever really considerate your own death as a means of ending all the suffering?

remember my place, remember the good times, remember how they usually come without warning, do you really want to not live these again? 

dont you want to see if my place is real or not?

remember that deep inside, you’re just scared and in despair, remember that deep inside, when you get alone in silence only listening to the song of the wind and there is no one around, you can feel you love life.
just focus, remember my place, and pray to the whales and bears to heal your wounded spirit, breath slowly and carefully.

soon you will remember.

remember you love life.

Chapter Nineteen – Invisible Forces

” And how are we supposed to do so, Ariel? “

” This sword of mine is a like your spear Annalot, its a Relic. “

” oh, i… “

The ground started to shake, and the impossible was made possible. In the horizon the tall towers of siege could be seen, catapults and a wide line of soldiers, the siege weapons could not climb that mountain, but somehow they made it there. and with haste, and no warnigns, the battle had begun.
the flaming stones crossing the sky were a ominous sight, as they tried to hit the walls of the fortress, they could feel the rustle inside, and soon Enrich spoke:

” No use stand here, we should regroup. “

The Advance keep on going, but when they could see the banners waving in the sky, something was wrong. Those banners were from the cardinal’s orders, none of them were from the king. The siege weapons were under the king’s orders and no one could send them out, even more, the orders under the cardinal’s hands had no authority to handle those.

” Something is at play. ” Said Enrich. ” This scene shouldnt be happening, were are the banners of the king, i only see the orders from the cardinal but none from the king’s side. “

” Should we ask? ” Annalot asked

” Nay, if we do, we would be murdered, if they were really going to send such advance force we could have crushed the forces inside the fortress like ants. this stinks more than cattle. “

” what do you mean with that Enrich? “

” What do i mean Annalot? I dont even know to be sincere, im just telling you, something is not right. first where are the king’s forces? Remember there were only banners from the king deployed? the cardinal was yet to deploy any of the forces under his hands, not a single order from his were sent since the very begging. Now we are seeing even siege weapons. do you know that siege weaponry cant be sent here? unless someone make some type of contraption to elevate them here. still only the king’s orders can move those around. “

” Better not stick around, judging by the size of the boulders, there are some trebuchet settled nearby, and those do tend to miss the target. ” Ariel says, looking around. ” we better get out of the line of fire, and try sneaking back to the encampment. “

” Bad idea Ariel. ” says Enrich

” do tell Enrich, why? “

” If something is on play, they would kill us. “

” and what if not? “

” … well… “

” see? if we stay we die, if we go, theres a chance we die or not. “

” I preffer to risk. ” Says Annalot.

” Do you really? ” Enrich raises a eyebrow, lifting his hand up to the head height.

” I risked until now, i am yet to die, my injury may be severe, but well, i have this spear in hand so i am not really down, yet. “

” Fine, you two, majority wins. The shit, i cant believe im doing this. “

They went through the flanks of the current siege forces, unexplored by the enemies, probably because of their thinned numbers. The Battle was raging for quite a long time and, from the scenery, it was already determined who was going to win.
Annalot, Enrich and Ariel keep low profile on the way back, even with the advances of the cardinal forces, small skirmishes were seen by them on their way back, they avoided being seen at all costs. with haste it took much less time to get back to the encampment. Annalot commented on the way back, that she was feeling some force into play here too, it would take at least a day or two to get to were they were on foot.

Upon getting back to the encampment, the scene was terrible. Cardinal forces were fighting King’s forces, a total bloodbath was going on.

” Hush! ” said Enrich, ” Get down you fools, dammit, this place. i knew something was on play. “

Annalot started to go deaf, the scene just burned in her eyes, while she was laying down in the ground, seeing all that happening, she heard a voice saying.

” let me guide your blade. “

The voice sounded like the voice of many people together. and the sound echoed hard, clashing with each little corner of her head. always saying the same phrase, in the same tune. let me guide your blade, over and over again. The girl only keep her eyes looking the battle, as it slowly went in slow motion itself. The voice never stopping, until she saw someone spotting their place.
The voice then screamed in her mind ” Let me guide your blade! “

the girl closed her eyes.

the sound slowly started to return to her.

a chill went down her spine.

it took a second only.

she then draw a breath, thinking ” This may be my last breath. “

she took the spear, stood up and yelled:

” Then guide my steel to victory! “

a burst of light emerged from her spear, and with a ghostly voice, words came from annalot’s mouth.


Annalot’s eyes became bright red, and she was enveloped by a gust of shining wind, swift as the wind, she dashed with might direct to the soldier who spotted her, yes, her friends were spotted as well, but seeing something weird was going on, they just jumped into the fray as the girl rose to battle.

in a second Annalot closed the gap, sliced the soldier in three huge chunks of meat and advanced to the next, followed by her Ariel summoned the strength of her relic to make illusions of her, Enrich ensured no one would attack by the flanks or by the rear.

Each swirling motion Annalot drew with her spear was rich in elegance. her archs were perfect, her circles masterwork. Blood spit by her were like perfect pieces of art. no one had enough time to react her advances, soon she had fall more than a dozen warriors and mercenaries.

minutes of slaughter passed by, the time all the forces from the cardinal were just piles of bodies scattered on the ground, Annalot simply let of the spear. The spear fell blunt on the ground making a loud metallic sound, the wind around her dissipated, her eyes came back to normal, but instead of passing away, she just stood there, with a determinate face. She was conscious the entire episode.

” The spear. ” She said. ” Its alive, i dont know how is it, but it is alive. “

Ariel approached her and said:

” Annalot, this spear is, as i told you, a relic. Its an ancient weapon used by the legendary gods themselves. supposedly, according to the myth of the last days, those were made and used only to fight the threat of those days. The Black Angels. These weapons people nowdays call simply Relic have great power, beyond our understanding, they use something we can not anymore, magic itself. It fuels the power inside the weapons. What happened to you might be some kind of mechanism, triggered by chance. Everything about these weapons happen by chance. No one really knows how to trigger anything until it triggers itself. And this is what we know so far about those weapons. “

” we still have a battle to fight though… ” Said Enrich, taking the dust out.

” well, we do have a force gathered here. what do you think? “

Soon a man in heavy armor came walking slowly, a sword sheathed, his helm upon his head, he seemed to be a veteran, face marked by scars and bruised by the battle, he looked to be as old as a man in his 40.

” Pardon me, and thanks for coming to our aid… ” he soon recognized Ariel and Enrich. ” Oh goddess you two ARE alive! i cant believe it! “

” General Einartoff! ” Ariel and Enrich said at same time saluting him in oficial fashion, he too responded in the same way. then picked from here

” the performance of this little missy in the battlefield here was amazing, surely work of a master, she ended the fight in just a bunch of minutes. who is she? “

” Ah, her name is Annalot, just joined the ranks, though it was not her feat the defeat of our enemies, she is quite skilled indeed. “

” You are going to tell me, ” Einartoff said. ” It was her spear work? “

” Precisely sir. “

” I can buy that. now i have a question for her, im sorry for the rush, i truly am, but we have dire news, one, our king has been murdered, judging by what is going on you already know who did it. and second, there are more coming after us, looks like we dont have a capital to go back to anymore. ” he stopped, looked to Annalot and started with the brief set of questions: ” Girl, my first question is, can you do what you just did again? “

” I believe i can. “

” Will it harm your allies? is there a chance? “

” No sir, there is no chance that will happen, the spear only fights if i intend it to, and it will only fall the ones i judge unworthy. “

” i see… perhaps, with the number we have, and the knights we have specially, perhaps we have a chance of escaping this alive. “

” were are we going then sir? ” Said enrich.

” Retreat to our last resort. To our kingdom, the crown is not the jewel, or the one who governs the land, neither is it blood. It is the fire that burns within the unit. Our kingdom is a kingdom of knights, found for knights, governed by knights, for knights. every single person in our kingdom is knight blood if you trail their family down. Murdering the king is not enough, as longs as royal knights stand alive. that is why, since the first lineage of kings, we had a fall back plan, retreat to the Rising Ashes Fort. “

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Cold, but the sun is bright
Shake, trembling like a sapling
Stand, Stand again.

what is happening? i cant sit!
im forgetting to breath…
a short day, something is feeding of me.

i feel sick, i feel cold, its summer, and im alright.
its time to eat, im not hungry
i wake up, i wanna puke out.

i know that everything feels alright,
i can recognize the stimuli.

but thats all that it is.

Thousand colors of white fading…
Fading far, far off where the dream meets
To the white mystical land of pure gleam

The wind lifts the chilling snow…
And the bliss never met so fair
rests under the warmth of sun.

Sink now, let yourself be free.
Theres no real boundaries here…
Theres just white to see
over over until the frozen sea
where the silver sun never goes to sleep.


turning, turning, turning.
covered by the sheets.
wind is blowing, he says:
get up, its not time to sleep.
far away, can you listen?
theres a feeble sound.
the horns, they are calling.
from across the distance within.

can you feel the cold
from the peaks?
the scent of wood and ale and food
that you feel within.

can you hear? the horns?
your tyrian friends, they call.


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