Chapter Four: Brink of a Peacefu Life

Night is falling, Lilac, Glas and Rumena keeps on running without saying a word, there is no gunshots anymore. But Lilac said that ” their worst weapon are not bullets, but Blades. ”
The girls keep on running the deserted streets until the avenue, upon turning in the avenue corner they are safer, as the flux of people going home is huge, and then they stop on Running.

” Alright, keep an eye to the bus for me while i give Cian a call. ” Says Lilac taking her phone out from the pocket in her skirt.

“We’re a bit safer now. Right? ” says Glas, doing her best to catch her breath.

” Yeah, yeah, now we can feel a bit more rested. ” Says Rumena taking a deep breath and feeling the cold night’s air

” Cian said its alright if we go there. Now we have to ride a bus to her place ” Lilac says, ” and Glas, i expected a bit more from you. ”

” But i controled the situation. ” She says trying to explain. ” Didnt you saw, i pointed the gun to him and… ”

” Lilac, dont go so heavy on her, she did her best. ” Rumena says calmly patting Glas head.

” She jumped the gun, indeed, but i dont think they would kill us all like that, they probably want something from us, since there are just a few weavers in this town, ” Lilac sighs checking the busses. ” Im more disappointed at how Glas fell to her knees screaming, alright shes a girl, but come on. ”

” It was just tension, i took the stress too high. ” Glas says crossing her arms and stomping on the ground

” I know, i know, but screaming and falling to the knees could have killed you, thats why im disappointed. ” Lilac says as she makes signal to the bus

” You were worried about her right? ” Rumena asks.

” Yes i was, i dont want a friend getting hurt. ” Says Lilac Looking to the bus while it stops, Glas sighs.

” At least you’re very sincere Lilac. ” Says Rumena giggling

” I cant help, i have my faith high in everything we do. Though the only thing i cant forgive is having my friends getting hurt. ” They all ride in the bus, upon paying the fare. The bus is completely packed, people try to settle inside as more and more people get inside with each stop, the three of them spend the whole travel standing.

” Tough day, right? ” Says Glas trying to start a conversation, looking down to the flooring of the bus, feeling quite down.

” Yeah, mother wont be home today, so, going home wont be nice, father is also abroad. Ah, did you guys called home? ” Lilac is hanging on a sidepole.

” Oh yeah, my auntie will get worried. ” Says Rumena

” Where is your mother, Rumena? ” Asks Glas

” Mon went back to Slovenia, looks like my Grandmother is coming to pay us a visit this month. ” Says Rumena as she holds the pole tight.

Lilac Blinks and yells:
” Dont you say, you’re… wait a minute… how did you got kidnapped? ”

” Taxi. ” Rumena sighs

” No, not the vehicle, im asking about the metho… ”

Rumena interrupts lilac ” Thats just as i said, i went to the doctor by taxi, and i was going home also by taxi, nothing weird until he turned the wrong street and started heading to the Major Square. ”

” Did you called the same Taxi driver? ” Lilac Asks.

” No, he wasnt the same Taxi driver, also, when i got near the park the driver shot some kind of gas over my face and i felt asleep. ” Rumena says sighing

” Thats totally stupid as it is, they could totally have killed you, why did they hesitated? ” Lilac raises her tune, the other two look at her making a ” Shh ” motion

” Oh, right… we talk when we get by Cian’s ”

The rest of the ride was in silence, nothing to discuss and they were worn, running like that around the town, also the high levels of stress, something normal girls woundt be used.
As they finally arrive Cian’s building, they instantly run to the gates and calls Cian who lets them in, they ride the elevators still in silence. Cian’s building is 30 floors tall, Cian lives in the 23th floor, after a short wait they reach the 23th floor and Cian is already on the corridor waiting for them with her face worried.
Cian was wearing a shirt and cotton pants, in her eyes you could see worry.

” Come on in girls, come on in. ” they all barge in and are welcomed by a good smell of roasted beef, Rice in garlic, onions and oil and fries. ” Ah, im sorry i couldnt prepare anything better to welcome you guys, take of your shoes, here give me your blazers. ”

” Thank you Cian, you’re indeed the best, im sorry for worrying you. ” Says Rumena

” No problem, are you guys staying for the night? I believe it would be the best for all of us. ” Says Cian while they eat altogether in the living room, Lilac is quietly watching the TV with a gentle and warm smile. Rumena, Cian and Glas are talking quietly about the day, as if nothing ever happened. As if today was just a normal day, they there having fun, then Lilac finishes her dish and asks:
” Could i borrow your shower Cian? ”

” Go Ahead Lila. ” she answers and once Lilac exists Rumena makes a sad face.

” What is wrong runi? ” Glas uses to call Rumena this way. ” Is something the matter? ”

” I still dont know why would they kidnapped me, i still dont know why did they didnt just killed me or the five of us when they had chance, what are they trying? what do they want with us? ”

” Wont they kill us, once they have each one in their hands? ” Said Cian

Glas remained silent, this was indeed a deep mystery, why keep them if they could just eliminate each of them easily? Kidnapping Rumena was child’s play and would be hard to do with the others.
Then Cian lifts her hand to her chin, and she says: ” Awareness. ”

” Awareness? ” says Glas in surprise.

” Dont you see how Lilac grew stronger and more defensive? from us all, shes the harder one, killing one by one would only make us smarter by the time until we declare thats its all out. We might know nothing about our potential. But with the right amount of Awareness, who knows. Lilac can do certain things with just a single line that we would have to focus a bit more. I know, Shes faithful, but… Awareness kind of woke up some senses inside her that made her a better weaver than us. ”

” Taking by that side, they would want to get her before getting any one of us. right? ” Says Glas, and the girls look at her in shock. ” What? ” she asks ” Did i said something wrong? ”

” No its just that… ” Cian shakes her head, ” Never mind, well, back to what we were saying, you’re right Glas, their priority is taking Lilac down, as with each mistake, she grows more aware, as we all do. Each challenge we manage to escape, is a new strenght. ”

” The more mistakes they make, the better we grow? ” Asks Glas

” Not quite Glas, ” Rumena answers smiling ” but if the impact is strong, we might get smarter and, as my auntie said, the main mechanism of our spells is cast by our willpower, so, the stronger our resolution and the willpower, the better we will do, just like Lilac does. ”

” Ah, i see… ” she ponders.

Lilac then gets out of the shower wrapped in a towel and see the three chatting, she feels kind of awkward and asks:
” Whats wrong? ”

” Nothing at all Lila, ah, i believe you girls dont have any changes right? ” Answers Cian, standing up from the couch, ” I dont know if they’ll serve but, feel free to use mine. ”

” Do you have any clips around Cian? ” Asks Rumena.

” Ah, yes i do, why do you ask? ”

” well, i can clip the clothing, so they’ll fit and wont fall. ” she says pointing her index finger to the roof.

After some while chatting things of their everyday, Lilac brings back some important points

” First of all, why didnt they killed Rumena when they could? ”

” We had this chat before already Lilac, and, the answer is Awareness. ” Answers Cian

” As in? ” said Lilac, sounding confused.

” The more mistakes they make, the more aware we will be of them and, the harder it will be to catch us, also, their main target right now might be you, since you are the most alert of us right now. ”

” That answers a lot of questions… ” she says, playing with a wisp of hair.

The night moves on and they stay up until 2:am, they simply fall asleep all over the living room, sleeping peacefully. For Lilac, Glas and Rumena, this sleep was their greatest conquest today. For them, being asleep now was promise that tomorrow they would be still alive.
But in the middle of the night Cian wakes up, still sleepy, she looks to her room and then looks around, saying:

” Haha, they were so tired that they felt asleep right here in the living room… Poor girls. ” suddenly she felts a chill in her spine ” urg, tonight the wind breeze is cold isnt it? wait… ”

she then stands up and goes to the kitchen, drinks a cup of water, she stays in the kitchen, there she chants:
” Mirror me. ” and a copy of her, a doppelganger appears. She them, sends the doppelganger walking to the living room to try waking Lilac up, as it crouches to touch Lilac, a cloaked figure runs out from her room trying to hit the doppelganger in the back.

” Cresciente! ” she yells from the kitchen, making a crescent motion in the air, from the air a crescent moon shaped light flies and hits the side of the cloaked figure, sending it stumbling in the wall, the noise wakes up the other three girls.

” Goddammit! what the hell was it! ” Lilac screams, as soon as she notices the cloaked figure she yells ” Lilla Skutt! ” and shots a bullet of purple light right into the cloaked figure’s head spot.

” Lilac, try to not leave stains on my home! ” Cian yells ” Specially blood, its way hard to get rid of it. ”

” What!? As if we had any choice ” Lilac yells back.

” The room! ” Glas yells, pointing her palm to the door of Cian’s bedroom, a green lightscreen has been cast in the door and now theres two cloaked figures slashing knives against it. ” Man! they’re cracking my barrier with just knives! ”

Lilac stands and runs to the door, she opens it as fast as she can and makes a signal for the girls to leave. With the girls in the corridor, Lilac closes the door and chants:
” Gate Closed, may stay unnopened, Sealed Lock! ” and a line of purple light makes a cross over the door, taking the shape of chains afterwards.

” I can hear sounds of people coming from downstairs. ” Glas says.

” Hurry, Upstairs! ” Rumena yells, ” I have a plan. ”

They take the stairs, running to the top of the building, the tapping sound that is chasing them is getting louder and louder, ” Get ready to do something, they’re getting closer! ” Cian yells.

” They are goddammit fast, this way they might catch us, get your bullets ready! ” Lilac says, and so each girl chants their charge spell, the charge spell prepares a good load of projectiles to be shot without cast.

Upon reaching the top of the building, Lilac kicks the door opening it wide, and they step outside, after sealing the door Lilac then asks ” Ok, whats the plan Rumena? ”

” We’ll… ” she was interrupted by the loud noise of a explosion without delay from the dust a  man yells ” GO! ”

” Shit! ” Lilac waves her arm in front of her creating a purple lightscreen, and before they could notice they are being shot, the screen is taking care of the shots, Lilac is shooting back but the guys are getting closer dodging her bullets.

” Jump! ” Rumena screams, as she throws herself from the building.

” Wha!? ” the other three scream in unison

Without much delay they also jump from the 30th floor building with her. Lilac being the last, she sees before jumping, in the middle of the cloaked ones, a man wearing pieces of armor bearing a shield.

” Who is this guy? ” was the last tought in her mind.