Chapter Six: The Weaver of Faith and The Paladin of Virtue

” The name is Lilac, if you dont already know, these others are Glas, Rumena and Cian. ” Lilac sighs.

” Why did you told him our names? ” Cian asked

” Politeness, even if hes lying, which for his own good i hope he is not, we should demonstrate our politeness. ” Lilac answers. ” So Isaac, why dont you just leave us alone? We didnt killed anyone until it was necessary for our own sake. ”

” Im sorry miss Lilac, but thats impossible, i cant stop hunting you down, its my duty. My orders come from people high above, higher than you think. ” He says with softness within

” Is it something religious? ” Lilac asks.

” No it is not, we were once a organization working in the name of god, but now, we are an organization working in the name of humanity, we fight for its sake. ” Answered Isaac, and he continued. ” As you might have realized, the power in the hands of the Weaver race is definitely something monstrous, as in how immense it is. So, imagine if someone tries to gather more power and strength in order to take upon the world, what kind of damage such a person, blind by power can do? We exist to control your kin. ”

” We need not your control, we are no animals. ” Lilac answers back. ” Your people hunt us like that, for fear, little girls at the age of 17 can cause so much fear into your hearts? ”

” It is not you, it is your power. ”

” And who controls the power? Mister paladin. ” Lilac rapidly asks.

” And what if the power controls you. ” he answered back

” Did i attacked first? Who was the one who kidnapped a small girl without any special reason, but the fact she can use magic? Not to mention my other friend, she and her family were attacked in the middle of the night, just as we were, but you killed everyone, father, mother, brother and sister, i was the only one to survive as i ran away trying to get home in peace. ” Lilac pauses breathes and continues. ” Yes i killed all of the agents on that night, because i thought that i should. Killing someone, who were part of the life of others, someone who had dreams, who had plans, who was important to others, is a crime, and it must be punished. ”

” Very well, but what happens if the demon keeps on… ”

” Demon? There is no demon but you, who are hunting innocent people just because they can do things you cant. But we have this power to aid, not to cause harm. Every weaver but Glas, who is a complete sloth to books, knows this. ”

” Hey! ” Glas yells

” Shut up Glas, im having a important conversation here! ” Lilac shouts back and Glas puts her tongue out.

” As i was instructed, its useless to talk about this. ” Isaac says, ” I should be just performing my orders. ”

” Then do come. ” says Lilac in a inviting tune

As Glas readies her bow, Lilac lifts her hand and says:
” This time im serious, this guy is mine. ”

” We’ll be ready to give you backup if you need Lilac. ” Says Cian.

” So, we’re going to have a duel? ” Isaac asks

” Yes, so you can have your ass kicked and delivered back to you in a silver plate, proving that we are no animals, and we play fair and square. ” Lilac quickly answers back. ” get ready, Rumena will give the signal. ”

Rumena breathes deeply and the she starts. ” Ready? ” and then, after a while, she announces it; ” Fight! ”

Lilac burst forward with an explosion of purple light, jumping in the air trying to land a kick on Isaac, he swifly raises his shield deflecting Lilac back, taking the opening he tries to slice his sword forward, but Lilac steps in the ground causing a small tremor, taking Isaac out of balance, she then, as fast as possible punches his shield, the shield apparently absorbs magic, but she cares not about the damage right now, she just wants to make Isaac move backwards, hitting as strong as she can against the shield, one, two, three punches and then a direct kick aimed to its center, Isaac feels his arm getting numb with the barrage of attacks and rolls to the side, he crouches and in a instant motion rises spinning, trying to slice Lilac, she projects a light pole and parries his attack, and rapidly jumps backwards.

Isaac takes out a gun and shots at her, she projects a lighscreen and all the shots are negated.

” Why did you took the gun out? ” She asks,

Isaac replies while running up to her ” You never said there was a rule about guns. ”

” So its an all out? ”

” Yes miss Lilac, its an all out. ” he answers back.

” Im starting to like you. ” She answers back.

Isaac cathes up to her and tries an diagonal slash, top left downwards to down right, Lilac evades it, Isaac keeps the pressure doing the same, but now slicing the opposite. Lilac firmly steeps on the ground, making an arch motion with her arm and hitting her wrist agains his, Isaac takes the impact and have his arm deflected, Lila takes the opening to take his shield out and she tries, jumping lightly into the air and performing a movement called Dragon Kick, a kind of roundhouse kick but faster and meant for real close ranges. Isaac avoids impact doing a quarter circular movement counterclockwise, he then, recovers the momentun with his sword and trusts it forward, Lilac crouches, the sword passes through her hair, she aims her hand at Isaac’s trunk and shots a blast of purple light, Isaac is hit, and the impact blows him away a few centimeters, Lilac keeps the chase, she enters kicking his sword’s arm from the side, making a 180 turn, she uses her position now to land an heavy punch direcly to his chest.
And it makes contact. Lilac direcly lands a heavy punch on Isaac, an splash of purple light can be seen blowing from his back, Isaac imediately reacts lifting his knee and hitting Lilac’s stomach, Lilac feels a bit dizzy.
Isaac tries to finish her with a slice, but Lilac has not given up yet. She launches a punch that meets exactly with Isaac’s elbow, Isaac shows pain in his face, Lilac rolls forward and sweeps Isaac’s feet away, he falls, she quickly stands and tries shooting a blast of light at him. Once, he side rolls, Twice, he does the same, thrice, he tries to stand up, Lilac reacts causing another tremor, this time wavelike lights spread from her feet, Isaac loses balance and fails to stand up, Lilac does again, Isaac is threw airbone.

” Now i got you. ” she says as she points her hand and lands three instantaneous blasts of purple light, and the three directly hit him in the chest. She runs up to him and kicks him back into the air, aims her palms again and shots twice the same blast, she then jumps a flying kick direcly into his chest, purple light blows from his backs, he spills some blood and his armor cracks as he hits the wall of some house, quickly, he draws his gun and shots, twice. She first shot grazes Lilac left arm, leaving a scratch in it, the second is completely deflected by a lightscreen, Lilac shots back, but Isaac is still with his almighty grip in his shield, deflecting Lilac’s shoot

” Mange Lilla Skudd! ” Lilac chants and two circles with a seven tipped star appear behing her.

” Oh shi… ” He had no time to finish, the two circles started to shoot a merciless barrage of shots at him, and aparently, they dont need Lilac to keep on shooting.

Lilac busts in the air, she executes a mortal roll airbone and lands at Isaac’s shield with a hammer kick, the shield crackes and is shattered.

” Fuck you! ” Says Isaac, he side rolls and the barrage destroys the wall where he was imprisoned, Lilac tries to chase but he slices forward buying space, he swiftly rises and runs up to her, he lands his elbow in Lilac’s shoulder blowing her away a few centimeters, and tries slicing her arm down, She then casts a blast of purple light, but Isaac steeps backward.

Both are exhausted.

” Damn, ” Says Lilac breathless ” That one hurt. ”

” I could tell you the same, ” Says Isaac, breathless as she is

” It is not over yet thought. ” She says

” Neither i would want it to end like this. ” Isaac answers back, he runs over to her, trying to hit her overhead. Lilac steps firmly on the floor, and trusts her hand upwards, meeting with Isaac’s arm, a splash of light is seen, and Isaac lets out an pitch of pain while being pushed backwards by instinct.
Lilac performs a turning kick and lands it directly on Isaac’s chest, the armor is shattered now, but as reaction he lands a punch on Lilac’s ribs, she feels the pain and falls to the ground.

he readies his sword overhead again and tries to carve it in Lilac. She looks at him and instantly taps the ground.

A huge purple explosion of light could be seen.