Chapter Seven: This is Not a Joke

Dust rises and covers the place, shards of asphalt fly in the air falling to the ground, sand is scattered and the other three girls watch the scenary for a few seconds motionless. The Silence is interrupted by Cian then:
” Call miss Sienna! What are you two waiting, do it! ”

Rumena fast reacts taking her cellphone out, and Cian runs over to the dust, Glas eyes are watering and she falls to her knees whispering Lilac’s name, but as soon as Cian enters the dust she yells:
” Lilac! ”

As the dust settles, and Cian drags Lilac out, a hole can be seen into the ground. Lilac’s Explosion was its cause, she used it as her last resort. The girl looks quite beaten up, her pajamas are full of dirt and she has a small wound in her arm, she is making some effort to walk, but apparently she ended the fight not much wounded.

” You really ok, right Lila? ” Cian asks

” Yeah, yeah, my belly hurts, my head hurts because of the fall i had when the hole was opened into the ground, im awake thanks to some reinforcement spell i cast on myself, but stones still hurt when they hit me, ah… ” she then stops and vomits. ” arg, ” she yells ” sorry Cian, looks like i put the dinner out, but believe me it was tasty, when i ate it. ”

Cian giggles, the four sit by the wall of a house nearby waiting for Sienna who doesnt takes long.

” Is Lilac alright is she wounded? ” Sienna asks

” She is wounded, but nothing serious, well… she vomited quite a lot there around… ” Cian answers

” He hit my belly too hard, and i was reinforcing my body with magic, it still hurt quite a lot. ” Lilac comments.

” I’ll take you guys home, at least for today you’ll be able to rest, dont worry i’ll cover you guys up for school ” Sienna says

” there is no need miss Sienna… you are not forgetting something, are you? ” Rumena asks, looking suspiciously at Sienna.

Sienna then breathes deeply and looks at Lilac. Lilac turns her eyes wide open at her and says:
” Spit it out already miss Sienna. ”

” Your building was blew up, Lilac. ” Sienna says.

” Gotta be kidding, Sienna you better be kidding! ” Lilac wide her eyes at her ” Where is Alfador? what happened to my cat? ”

” Arent you worried about your parents? ” Rumena asks.

” Nobody was home, Mom is working and father is abroad, he might not come back until September. So everybody is safe, Auntie Amethyst is also coming, i just need to call… arg. ”

” Lilac dont talk, let me take care of this ok? girls, help her inside the car, we’re going to my place. alright? ” says Sienna blinking a smile while spinning the car keys in her index finger.

The four were going with Sienna back to her place, Glas fell asleep over Rumena’s shoulder, she was sitting politely by the window, and lilac had her head over Glas’es lap, she was also asleep, Cian was looking outside with her hand over her chin, and Sienna was driving, with a cigar, the silence was making her kind of nervous, until the time she spoke:
” So, what happened after the park? ”

” Dunno, i wasnt with them. ” Cian responds, ” But by what Rumena told me, these two went inside to rescue her, it was by surprise but suddenly some green explosions made  everything shake and, then, Glas was standing pointing a charge at the guy who was keeping her captive, she didnt saw Lilac up to the point, a huge time passed, and the tension was real high, the guy started to talk something about someone taking the other agents down, the moment he performed an action, she saw Lilac’s magic passing by and killing him, then a huge steel golem and, from what she told, there were even more backup, its almost like these guys bloom from the ground. ”

” Was it that happened at that square? ” Sienna asks

” Well, if you can call that huge place a square, i prefer to think about it more as a park ” Cian continues ” ah, then they called and came to my apartment, we kind of threw a pajamas party and… fell asleep just to get ambushed. ”

” Any wounds? ” Sienna asks

” No, our reflexes are quite fast with the light screen. they tried shooting, we had trouble with a Official but Lilac handed it. ”

” That hole you mean? ”

” Yeah, She blew him up and in the middle, she was also blew up. ” Cian says giggling

” She blew him up, and was blew u… i dont get it. ” Says Sienna taking the cigar out and blowing some smoke out. ” Tell me about it. ”

” Ah, Lilac went one on one with that official, his name was Isaac, well, the fight was fierce, thought Lilac had to land plenty on him, if she wasnt as quick as she is, she might be dead by now, or very injuried. ”

” she doesnt looks good, i tell you, we’ll have to take care of her once we get home. and, about her mother, a brainwash might be necessary. if she contacts the police or some service, it will only get more dangerous to Lila. ” Sienna responds, ” But so, keep on telling. ”

” Well, ” Cian takes from where she stopped, ” Lilla got him with a nice blow but, Isaac countered with a punch to her ribs, it seemed very strong, she fell to the ground, Isaac was about to finish her, but by reflex she tapped the ground and exploded him. ”

” And she was still on the ground? ” Sienna asks

” Yup. ” Cian answers

” And she was near her own explosion? ”

” Yes. ”

” And she didnt got any of the damage? ”

” She only complained about stones and sand, and the impact of falling on her own hole, but nothing else. ” Cian said, ” She even apologized when she vomited, she was like: ” Sorry for vomiting the dinner you prepared Cian. ” “.

” Strong girl. ” Sienna says

” Crazy one. ” Cian replies, and the two start laughing.

Day is breaking, and the morning rays are bathing the town calmly, the town fell asleep and will soon be waking up without the idea of the events that unfold in the middle of the night, the weavers left no trace of anything, they repaired the walls they broke and the hole on the ground was shut, with the body of the officer inside. only the remains of Lilac’s building would be a problem, telling her mother about that would be a huge problem, almost making she think how would that be if she had died back there. as soon as they got by Sienna’s place  they all scattered around the living room, simply stumbling and almost falling asleep on the sofas.

” Dont worry, you dont have to go school tomorrow alright? ” Sienna says smiling, ”  i will cover up for you four. ”

” We need to talk to Scarlet and Bianca about yesterday, i want to see if they are alright. ” Says Rumena.

” Why dont you just call? ” Sienna asks

” Because i want to see both again, i thought i was done for, back there in the park, i would be, if it wasnt for Glas and Lilac. ”

” I also want to go, ” Says Lilac, looking horrible. ” i really want to. ”

” No! by all means Lila, you’re looking like a zombie, aren’t you hurt? ”

” Just my ribs, laying here is being kinda painful, i think i broke one. ”

” You may have. ” Says Sienna, ” I will take you to the doctor, we really must see if you broke something or… ”

” Take her to my auntie, she knows how to weave regeneration ” Says Rumena. ” the way this song is playing, we should be ready at all times, waiting Lilac’s healing would drag us down, and they would probably focus even more on her. ”

” Ok, Lilac and i will visit your auntie, Rumena, you girls if you want you can go to the school, let Bianca and Scarlet well informed and if anything happens call immediately. ”

” We’re all going then, its better if we stay in bigger groups right? ” Glas says.

” Right, right… ah, about your uniforms, theres a share of good ones here, i keep some here. ” Sienna says

” Why do you keep those uniforms? ” Glas asks, Sienna swiftly looks at her, her eyes are saying ” its none of your business ” And Lilac finds strength to face palm.

” Ookay ” says glas after the silent answer.

” Just get dressed and go ”

Sienna goes inside her car with Lilac, and the other girls head to the school, its not much far, as they go paying attention, nothing has changed. The number of students is the same as ever, the aura of the town is the same as ever, nothing changed, everything is more of the same, even thought last night was a tremendous change for the girls, before the scenery right now, it looked like all the fight and effort of the last day were nothing but a terrible nightmare.
The small changes were the fact that spring was coming and the last months of school life were drawing near for these girls, what were they going to do? Rumena started walking a bit slower and slower as if something was heavy on her and there was indeed a new weight over her shoulders, the other girls noticed her.

” Hurry up Runi, ” says Glas ” hmm, is something wrong? Did you not sleep well last night? ” But Glas went unanswered, Rumena was far from that place, lost completely in her thoughts.

” Runi… whats wrong? ” She tries again. ” Hey… ” And she keeps on trying until Rumena finally comes back from her thoughts.

” Oh, sorry Glas. Its nothing, really, im alright, really, you can believe me im alright. ” She says

” You dont look alright Runi… ”

” Whats wrong? ” Cian asks.

” I was just… Thinking. ” Rumena answers.

” About? ” Cian replies

” Ah, nothing important, dont mind me. ”

” Something is heavy? ” Cian asks.

” No, you dont need to worry about me, really. Thank you. ”

” You know… Bianca wont let you go once you spit it out at least to her, its better you start saying it now, before we get to the School, Bianca will probably at the gates as usual. ” Cian answers

Rumena sighs deeply, ” Its about the future, what are we going to do after school? somehow is feels ominous. I do think we are going to survive this situation but, will we graduate? What are we going to do at College? And thereafter? Will this event let us finish our last year in peace? And if not, how are we going to explain this to our parents and to the authorities, if we want to retry the last year? ”

” Some of us have Weavers in the family. It wont be a bother to those, but… people like me or Lilac… Amethyst is the only Weaver in Lilac’s family, and i dont have anyone, but my elder sister Sapphire. If we want to finish school we might need to keep on going regularly but, in order to attend regularly, it becomes dangerous.  ” Says Cian.

” I dont like this talk that much… ” Glas says, ” I mean… if we cant draw or future now, i feel that its because we’re just far from our canvas. Once we get to it, we might be able to think about it in a better way. So we shouldnt be worrying about it now. Look, its Spring and we are starting the day as if last night was just a bad dream. ”

” It was a bad dream for everybody but Lilac, who got broken ribs and vomited lots. ” Cian replies.

” Yeah, but its because she is as stubborn mule and went alone an all out against these guys who are playing serious. She is a stubborn mule but… i like her the way she is, if she wasnt like that she would just totally not be Lilac. ” Glas laughs after saying that.

” Glas is right, i thin we should just calm down and try to live the situation. ”

they keep on walking their own pace until the school, the number of students going in is the same as everyday, the air is soft and calm, nothing to worry about. its a bit cloudy, looking like there is going to have a downpour but nothing hard nor strong. Scarlet and Bianca are by the School doors sitting by the side of the stairs, and upon seeing the other three girls, Bianca weaves a small hi and Scarlet raises her arms up receiving them as if they were victorious warriors back from the war.

” Ah, where is Lilac? ” Bianca asks quickly as they meet.

” At my auntie’s, she got some broken ribs. ” Rumena says casually.

” Broken ribs? Is she alright? ” Scarlet wides her eyes.

” Nothing to worry, she is, already shouting blasphemy against everyone with that sharp tongue of hers. ” Cian answers, laughing.

” What happened? ” Bianca asks for the whole story, and its told as they walk up to their classroom. Upon arriving their corridor, Rumena and Glas says by and head to their class, Leaving Bianca, Scarlet and Cian. They settle in their classroom all around Lilac’s preferred spot, which even if she is absent from school, no one ever sits, and spend the first moments of the morning chatting about silly things.

At Rumena’s Auntie, Topaz, Lilac is chatting with some enthusiasm, and pain, spread like a lazy cat over a sofa while Topaz is deeply engaged in the conversation.

” Ah, that explains that bump on my locker. ” Says Lilac, ” It was you back in your high school days, doing that over a love affair. ”

” Sometimes these kind of things happen, most people cry but i just got mad. ” Topaz answers.

” If you were a bit more resolute. ”

” Indeed Lilac, can i call you Lila? ” Topaz asks

” Ah, yea, go ahead, i prefer Lila over Lilac though, Lilac is just too formal, and… dunno its just to strong, keep on listening to Lilac, Lilac, Lilac, Lilac, it builds up stress inside, you know? ” Lilac says stretching a little. ” Ouch, ouch, ouch! ”

” Ah, dont move yet, it is still hurting. ”

” Alright alright. ” Lilac says

” So, how did this guy broke your ribs? ”

” Punched them, son of a bitch really knew how to punch. ” Lilac frowns

” I never had a fight with a paladin in my life, probably because auntie Sunny told me and Runi’s mother to never go to a Walpurgisnacht . ”

” Wal-o-what? ” Lilac asked

” Ah, you dont know about the Walpurgisnacht? ” Topaz replies

” No sorry,i dont. What is it? ”

” Well, let me tell you a long story… ” Topaz breathes and starts the storytelling. ” Long ago, within the first generation, the generation of the legendary princess, there was only a few weavers, not more than twenty i think, this world itself, talked to the princess and told her to gather her and her children on the top of a mountain in the Germanic domain, as she left with her sons, the Earth talked to her plenty times during the travel, asking them to be the shepherd of  humanity, that you know right? ”

” Yes, and that the weavers are bound to take the travelers ahead to their next destination, although i dont know what this destination is, i have the feeling that it means people die and must go somewhere else after it. ”

” Unlike us, yes. ”

” Unlike us? ” Lilac asks.

” We dont have a soul Lilac, we, the weavers have no soul, once we die, we vanish, we become part of the earth again. ”

” oh… ”

” Humans might go fourth, to another plane, to live a new story, but we, the weavers, our duty is to guard the world, to protect earth, to mince the balance of all things, and to guide humans outside the reincarnation cycle, leading them to beyond. ”

” i see… ” Lilac replies with her voice a bit down.

” But, the rest of the story about the Walpurgis and why it is so important to us, ” She continues. ” Oh well, where did i stopped? Ah, yes, The thing earth was talking to the mother princess was all about this, Earth was contracting the Weaver beings as her guardians and safe keepers, we might be the most powerful kind in the world at that moment, and thats why earth contacted us. ” She breathes. ” But, it was not the only thing, Earth wanted her to be at the top of the mountain during spring, in the rise of a specific day, nowdays this day is April 31, during the evening of May 1. ”

” So… what makes the Walpurgisnacht so important Topaz? ” Lilac asks. ” Man until now, its looking like just a meeting of old hags to have fun. ”

” You are partially right, it is a meeting of, or at least it should be, a meeting of all weavers in the world, to commemorate the day of contract and… to perform a special ritual. ” she breathes.

” So, here comes the important part, a ritual? ”

” Yes, a really important ritual. ” Topaz focus a bit more and continues. ” Among the weavers, there is one who is special, one who have power over even our imagination. we call this person, The Wizard, or, if its a woman, The Witch. ”

” Ok, fine, so… ” Lilac interrupts.

” The Witch is the almighty being in this world, her will is order and realization, whatever she wants, is real, is rule, is order and is possible, even the impossible is possible for her, even the impossible for her is possible for her, she is this kind of existence that goes a little crazy and becomes a nonsensical being, in other words, pure magic. ”

” Goddamn! ” Lilac interjects, ” you’re telling me that, just going to that mountain created such a being? ”

” Earth gave power to the princess there, first, the princess had to lit a fire, high atop the mountain, and wait for Earth’s call. and at the evening of the following day, Earth chose one from all, and gave the almighty connection to her, the princess was the first witch. ” She breathes. ” Well, the witch is charged with a mission too, Earth chooses the witch to keep the balance, to steer the whole human community, to protect earth against any threat, be it from inside or outside, to keep contact with the other world, you know the other world, right Lila? ”

” Yeah, the Creature world. ” She blinks, ” The world were all the magical creatures gods, goddesses, demons and so goes on lives. Do they mean threat? ”

” Some might, and as humans are easily manipulable by anything that can give them power, using them as a bridge is quite usual. ”

” Who is the current Witch? ”

” Nobody is Lila. ”

” Why. ”

” Back in the early middle ages, around 1129 the catholic church founded the Templar order, which was meant to be a military force to fight the crusades,  this thing you know already right? so, historical background advancing on things we already know, money holding, influence and so goes, the order of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, was disbanded in 1312, the group thought, did not ceased to exist, and stayed under the ground hidden for two years, until around 1314, when the first Walpurgisnacht was interrupted, and they acted under the name of Order of the Saint Palace. We the weavers called them Paladins, we misheard the name but, once given, it was too late, the nickname was cool and we keep it until nowdays, they also liked it. ”

” Dude… ” Lilac have her eyes wide opened.

” So, those las seven hundred years, we dont have a witch, this year is exactly the anniversary of seven hundred years since all Walpurgisnacht were cancelled by them. ”

” Dude… ” Lilac is speechless.

” If you look closely, lots of things started to happen since, without the Witch, humanity loses connection to the earth itself. Earth tried to fix it making the location of the Walpurgisnacht different each year, but it didnt solved the problem, and some courageous weavers try to fight the Walpurgisnacht out, so we can have the Witch back, bringing balance to the world. ”

” I dont want to be the Witch, no way. ”

” You dont? I dont go the Walpurgis because its dangerous, but its the first time i hear someone saying they dont want to be the Witch. ” Topaz says, quite intrigued.

” Are you kidding me? Seven hundred years of work delayed, to befall upon one single person? Dude gotta be nuts to do it, hell no, im not being the Witch, go to hell humans, im getting tired of them already. ”

” It is our duty to guide, Lilac. ”

” Guide the ones who are trying to slash your head of and pin it on their gallery of trophies? Thanks but no thanks. ” she says with a humph.

” You cant really run from it, you know? ”

” I am already. ”

Topaz giggles, and so is finished Lilac’s treatment.
” Well, im done here Lila, try to move, feel anything? ”

” It feels perfect, like nothing ever happened before. ”

” It is also reinforced, my mother used to fight the Walpurgis out too, her body is completely reinforced, thats why that old hag is so lively until nowdays. ”

” Thats something to consider, i think im going to reinforce mine too. ”

” I can give you the books if you’d like. ”

” Ah, thank you. i think im going to school now. ”

” Well, there is still time. ”

” Yeah… well, thanks a lot Topaz. ” Lilac says weaving goodbye.

” Ah! Lilac, About the Walpurgisnacht, its probably going to be here. ”

Lilac widens her eyes, and says ” Thank you for the information. ” And runs like lighting. She arrives just in time for lunch, and goes to the cafeteria, she orders the first thing her eyes make contact with and goes directly to the classroom, in search for her friends, and there they are, Bianca, Scarlet, Glas, Cian and Rumena.

” Hey Lila! I heard about your fight yesterday, you got guts girl! ” Says Scarlet.

” Man, you should have seen, and felt, he had real strong blows. ” Lilac replies

” Are your ribs alright? ” Bianca asks.

” Yeah, oh… ” Lilac evades her gaze, looking to the ground, ” Topaz told me a… quite a lot of things, its very complicated, its about us, the weavers. ” she whispers.

” What did she said? ” Rumena asks.

” Something about an event called: The Walpurgisnacht and a thing called Witch and, well new stuff is all that. ” Lilac continues. ” Making a real long story short, there was the witch, and every year the Walpurgis, then, church became powerful, created the templar order, the templar fought us as it fought the crusades too, church disbanded them, they became a new organization but we nicknamed them templars, they stopped the last walpurgisnacht exactly seven hundred years ago, and, they keep on stopping it until nowdays. ” Lilac finishes, ” Any questions? ”

” What is the witch? ” Glas asks.

” She is like god but not really god, just a weaver who can talk to earth. ” Lilac answers

” Why is it a big deal? ” Glas asks again.

” I have no freaking idea. ” Lilac answers.

Glas makes a face of someone who is completely lost among new information. ” Its not even worthy this much ruckus, come on. ”

” Well, assuming the anniversary of the witch being exactly seven hundred this year, since we’re in 2014… well, make some calculations and open your history books, you should be able to see something very weird happening on the following year. ” Cian says.

” Important is, Lila is alright, im glad. ” Says Bianca

” Thank you Bianca. ” Lilac replies.

” I was wondering, since these are our last months as students… most of us know what we are going to do when graduated, right? ”

” Im going to College, try my best in linguistics. ” Bianca answers

” Back to mother in Spain, she says everyone is missing me. ” Cian says.

” Back to the gypsy? ” Glas asks

” Totally, i kind of miss everyone too. ”

” hmm, i dont know yet… ” Rumena says ” What about you Glas? ”

” Spend a year idle, while i think about what am i going to do. ” Scarlet, what are you going to do?

” Me? im still thinking about it. Hey, what about you Lila? ” Scarlet asks her

Lilac stays in silence, looking to her bread, lost in thought, then she breathes, ” I dont know, i really never stopped to think about it, i always looked upon my life not giving a damn about the following day, just thinking about how to enjoy today… after viola i started to take care of my tomorrow, but, not so far, mostly was about how to take propper care of my friends and myself. ”

” hmm, we’ll figure out, the important thing is that, we’re still going to be friends, right? ” Scarlet smiles

” Yes, ” the rest of the girls say in unison

” To the end ” Bianca smiles.

But it didnt lifted Lilac’s mood, after all. and the rest of the break was spent with a small chat between them, once it was over, Rumena and Glas went to their classroom.

The last periods of class are spent like everyday, nothing out of the ordinary, it seems that Scarlet fell asleep, Lilac too, Bianca keeps on doing the same things and Cian gets lost in thought from time to time. nothing out of the ordinary as if the girl’s life had resumed. and in the end of the day the bell rings, its time to go home, as they slowly rose from their chair, Lilac asked.

” Well… my home, you see, it was blew up. mon went to the capital but… i cant go with her because, school. She told me to stay at someone’s place so… ”

” I was oriented by Sienna that i should stay with her, you probably should come too Lila. ” Says Cian.

” Clothing is also a problem to me… Mom will only send me money by the end of the week, so, all i have is for the bus and food, during this week. ”

” Stay by mine Lila, you have some changes left there, remember? ” Scarlet says.

” Oh! Thats right Scarlet, i remember, last time i went to your home i left some changes. ”

” Yep, and mother also wants to see you again, so, will you accept my invitation? ” She says as she picks her cellphone

” Yes, yes please. ” Lilac answers positively

” Well guys, i am going, since miss Sienna is leaving soon, bye all. ” Cian says, leaving the room weaving bye.

Rumena and Glas passes by the door just to weave bye and leave, they live in the other side of the town so its quite a ride from the school to their place.

” Lets go them. ” Says Scarlet taking Bianca and Lilac by hand.

” No, i have some duty left today here. ” Bianca stops. ” Librarian stuff and all, im leaving really late today. ”

” Ah, okay then. ” Says Scarlet.

” See you Bianca… hmm. ” Lilac looks at her, ” Take care. Please. ”

” I will Lila, i will. ”

Bianca leaves to the Library, to help with the books and other things, since its the first day of April, Balance must be made, books need to be checked, lists done, organize all things, and help cleaning the shelf.

” Ah, Bianca, there is a letter left to you here, some girl came by the lunch, she told me to deliver it to you, ah, she said its of extreme importance you read it the moment you receive. Must be grave. ”

Bianca opens the letter calmly and reads it, as she reads her face starts to change, from a calm to a kind of desperate face.

Hello Bianca,

I just wanted to maintain our contact in a minimum until the moment we meet, ah, first of all, i admire your rankings in the school, you are a really outstanding student but, thats not why i wrote this letter.
I want you to meet me at the roof, around nine o’clock, i will wait you until eleven fifty nine, no more, and if you dont manage to do so… there wont be tomorrow for this school. i dont care if you receive this letter or not, we could just explode you seven inside with everybody else, but i dont want to sacrifice human lives who are innocent just to kill some monster weavers.

Sincerely yours Official Lillian Evelyn

” hum… miss, can i leave? i got some real important business. ” Says Bianca.

” Ah, you gave me enough help already Bianca, we’re done for today, you can go home and rest a bit, theres school tomorrow too and all… ”

” Oh thank you miss! ” And Bianca runs right to the roof, upon arriving the roof, the night wind is blowing and the fair hair of a girl, at Bianca’s age is blowing by the wind, she is looking to the outside, wearing the school uniform. She turns and then greets Bianca:

” Evening, Bianca. ”

” Evening ahm… ” Bianca answers

” Lillian, ah, dont worry, i am alone, even thought i want to kill you seven for what you did to Isaac, and the evil shadow you cast upon the world, im here to just land a warning. ”

” Im listening. ”

” We’re in total control of the media of this town, as well the police. slowly we will take over the city, im telling you Bianca, it is just a matter of time, until the town is ready to receive the Walpurgisnacht. ”

” I know about the event, and, i dont see why do you still want to stop it. ”

” Its dangerous to have two gods, it is also dangerous to have such a power roaming the world. And, i will make it clear Bianca, your powers are no longer needed, we have science to push humanity forward, even thought Earth plagues us, and tries to show the other way around, nowdays we have plenty proof to show that we dont need you, and that we can control nature. Face it, nobody is really going to miss you, you make no difference in the world, as a weaver and as a person. ”

” I dont care, i just came here to make sure nobody gets hurt. ”

” Nobody is going to get hurt, but i cant say about things. ”

” What are you saying? ”

” Do you even consider yourself a person? Ah, i got it, its April’s fool. ”

” I am not joking, i dont want my friends nor myself hurt either. ”

” And i am also not joking when i say, im going to take the seven of you down, one by one, watch out Bianca, the real hunt is about to begin. ”

And with that the Officer Lillian jumps of the building, using a hook to land safely on the ground.

” Expect me, Bianca. ” she says, waving goodbye